Fukushima worker increased from 3,000 per day to 4,000 per day / Reason not announced

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Daily worker in Fukushima nuclear plant increased by 33%. Tepco’s spokesman stated for the press’s question on 12/9/2013.

Tepco used to announce the number of the workers in Fukushima plant was 3,000 per day. However, it’s 4,000 per day currently.

Tepco’s spokesman commented they need to verify when it was increased and what kind of work required 33% more workers.



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Les travailleurs de Fukushima sont passés de 3 000 à 4  000 par jour / La raison n’en est pas communiquée
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Le nombre journalier de travailleurs dans la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima a augmenté de 33 %. Le porte-parole de Tepco l’a affirmé  au cours des questions de la presse du 9 décembre 2013.
Tepco avait l’habitude de dire que le nombre de travailleurs était de 3 000 par jour dans la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima. Or, il est actuellement de 4 000 par jour.
Le porte-parole de Tepco a déclaré qu’ils devaient rechercher de quand ça date et quelle tâche a nécessité cette augmentation de 33 %.


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  1. Reasons:

    1) increases FDU-4 SFP workday from 2 to 3 hours

    2) decreases daily wage cost

    3) changes short term labor cost to long-term cancer expenses

    4) reduces number of complaining workers

    5) reduces number of ‘whistle-blower’ employees

    6) Reduces training costs

    7) Decreases radiation dose testing of workers

    It is a wonderful cost saving mechanism, when human life has no monetary value.


    Bill Duff

  2. Seriously! We can’t let them do that!!!?!?
    Does anybody try anything to stop that usane madness?!?
    Where are brained people on that f. Planet?!?!
    They don’t know how to treat tritium? Well they storage it till they find a way to clean their dirt. No negociation. Enough is enough!
    Who said nuclear was safe and secure… Under control? Hmm? Who??

    1. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Obama/EPA INCREASES in allowed contamination of USA: Food, Water, Land

      Under these relatively NEW USA Standards, there would be no lawful reason and/or requirement to evacuate ground zero.

      Even the children and pregnant women

      So what are you going to do about it? I am already ‘killing level angry’ about it. It is however a cold calculation, rather than a hot anger. So I am not trying to kill just ONE of these rotten sunnybeaches. I intend to STARVE them all.

      And THUS I am doing what I can do entirely remove the uneconomic and dangerous civilian nuclear power industry from continued existence in these formerly united states. And attempting to dismantle the archaic, inefficient, marginally useful electrical grid; which is the life-support-system for the civilian nuclear power industry.


      Bill Duff

      1. The USA is awash in cheap, clean natural gas (Methane CH4) and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas Propane). The primary ENERGY/POWER needs for homes is climate control. Winter heat in the north and Summer cooling in the south.

        Both these applications are FAR more efficiently and economically served by Natural Gas and/or LPG than by the WASTEFUL & EXPENSIVE AC electrical power grid.

        When temperature control is removed from the work-load, the electrical demands of a residential home are quite insignificant. The electrical needs of a home may then be met in a number of ways, such as micro-generation (again with gas) and/or inverter from a (~48 Volt) Deep Cycle Battery.


        Bill Duff

      2. Air:

        Airborne radioactive fallout standards, under the SHAM Obama/EPA have also been elevated to frankly DANGEROUS levels.

        A Level-7 nuclear disaster, such as the Fukushima Daiichi multiple: meltdown, fallout, China Syndrome, atomic explosion & washout; would not require ANY significant evacuation and/or remediation. Plus the nescient lying about radioactive hazards would exactly MATCH the TEPCO bullshit.

        Welcome to the FORMERLY united states. There is no similarity to the former constitutional republic known as the United States of America.

        And under Amendment XIV of the recently OVERTHROWN ‘Constitution of the United States’, (which defines said overthrow as ‘INSURRECTION’), I personally intend to HANG the lot of them. The hired help enabling and abetting such insurrection is to be denied their pensions, also as defined in XIV. Knotting the ropes … now!


        Bill Duff

        1. As insurrectionist as Democrats Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Republicans Abraham Lincoln and the other ‘Radical Republicans’.

          George W. Bush, Barack H. Obama, as well as the congresses, courts and state officials that enabled them, have ENTIRELY undermined the ‘Rule of Law’ and constitutional governance in these formerly united states.

          And, “so help me God”, I shall HANG them for it.


          Bill Duff

            1. Bite Me Niall,

              Rampant fascism, or as ‘IL Duce’ Mussolini called it CORPORATISM, is Part and Parcel, with this tangled nuclear knot.

              The civilian nuclear power plant program is an overly subsidized, uneconomic, politically protected and highly DANGEROUS facade.

              Japan, Barack Obama, IAEA, TEPCO, Nuclear Contractors are undermining human rights, public health, science, nations, constitutions, free-speech, the rule of law, and all the rest of Western Civilization. And WE are furious … killing mad about it.

              The Gordon Knot is reportedly best untied with a stroke of the sword.

              So pissoff


              Bill Duff

      3. Chocking about lack of concern there, in political decisions…
        I am french, THE country the most nuclearised at the km square(great!)… Said super safe (of course of course…!) even anybody knows there are hendreds of incidents per year (qualified as “small”), even if cancer rates increase (leucemias around the nuclear plants are well known but hidden!)
        For sure France has the same kind of agreements!!…
        In the deep countrysides of France they keep buring in earth the nuclear wastes…
        Cancer has a long life ahead!

        Cancer cares are?…….: nuclear radiations!!!
        Ironic it is! The gold of the future: nuclear!

  3. What about all the promises, as the nuke power industry was being established, that nuclear energy was “guaranteed” to be the cheapest energy in the world and safest for environment than any other kind? Was it just a big lie? At four thousand workers per day, plus the radiation costs to the world, Fukushima, alone, has absorbed ALL cost “savings” (to the consumer and plant operations) of all other nuclear power plants in the world since they began, threatens to destroy all life on planet earth and already has a huge “leg up” on doing exactly that. Can anybody tell me that Fukushima has not proven that nuclear electrical energy is the most expensive electrical energy (and human blunder) of all time? Can a typical troll, even working for the Pentagon, be conjured up to counter this comment? Any attempt would be welcome. Any takers?

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