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Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Column] Groundwater is possibly 65cm underground already – Press needs to demand Tepco data

The most urging issue in Fukushima nuclear plant is the rising groundwater level on seaside of reactor2. Tepco stated they are going to pump it up from this weekend but


Former Fukushima worker “50 trillion yen budget is necessary to decommissioning Fukushima”

The former Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented on Twitter that Japanese government needs 50 trillion budget to decommissioning Fukushima nuclear plant.   <Translate> In the beginning Tepco estimated that decommissioning and


[Express] “NTT’s condolatory telegram gift ran out of stock”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> My friend working at NTT said, “Look at the HP, now one of the condolatory telegram gifts ran out of

Domestic and global Environment

Mud festival in Hanawa-machi Fukushima

“Mud festival” was held in Hanawa-machi Fukushima and reported on 8/5/2013. Hanawa-machi is in 76 km South West of Fukushima nuclear plant.         Iori Mochizuki Truth is

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

All β to include Sr-90 jumped up 47 times much as 5 days before in the boring nearest to reactor2 turbine building

Following up this article..Cs-134/137 in the new boring nearest to reactor2 turbine building over 10 times higher than other borings [URL]   According to Tepco, the radioactive density jumped up

Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination Sea contamination

Tepco was monitoring sea contamination beside Fukushima port only at 3 locations

  Now that the contamination is spreading over the sea, Tepco is required to monitor sea water contamination more precisely. However nearby the plant port, they have only three monitoring


Steam coming up from reactor3 again / Videos released

At 8:00 AM 8/6/2013, the “steam” was observed coming up from reactor3 again. Tepco published the press release and videos. This is a follow-up report on the statuses of steam