More than 1000Bq/Kg was measured in 99.4% of a village area in no-man’s-zone

It’s desperate to try to restart farming in Fukushima, especially in 30km area.

They measured more than 1,000 Bq/Kg of cesium from more than 99% areas in Katsuraomura Fukushima.

Katsuraomura is in Futaba gun, no-man’s-land in Fukushima, where is 26km from Fukushima plant.
The local government divided the village area into 1038 of 100m×100m areas, took 5 samples from each 100m×100m area to calculate each average. The measurement was done from May to July of 2012.
Hazard area and highly radioactive areas were excluded.

The result was like this below,

~ 1,000 Bq/Kg : 6 locations
1,000 ~ 4,999 Bq/Kg : 626 locations
5,000 ~ 9,999 Bq/Kg : 354 locations
10,000 Bq/Kg ~ : 52 locations

Min : 742 Bq/Kg
Max : 18,890 Bq/kg

In 99.4% of the village area, they measured more than 1,000 Bq/Kg from soil.
They measured more than 5,000 Bq/Kg in 39% of the village area, which they need to remove the surface soil.

However, the village headman still thinks it can be resolved by decontamination to state like this below,


Large parts of the village area are contaminated. We are going to request the government to decontaminate the farmland sufficiently.



<Settlement report 9/14/2012>

This is the space to show how much donation I received today.

Unfortunately, and it shouldn’t be, but I’m one of the most updated person about Fukushima, and there are really little English speakers from those people. so they must ask me. No one can get any information from newspaper, TV, or even from field research, which is concrete but very limited. However, because I don’t have any background, not so many people like to ask/trust me because of their pride. A lot of people kindly read Fukushima Diary but still it’s only a part of people who may concern.
I really can understand their feeling. I’m young, I’m nobody. but I expect everyone to read Fukushima Diary.


More than 1000Bq/Kg was measured in 99.4% of a village area in no-man's-zone


More than 1000Bq/Kg was measured in 99.4% of a village area in no-man's-zone 2

Iori Mochizuki


Français :

Plus de 1 000Bq/kg sur 99,4 % de la surface d’un village dans la zone du no-man’s-land

Il est illusoire d’essayer de refaire de l’agriculture à Fukushima, a fortiori dans la zone des 30 kms.

Ils ont relevé plus de 1 000 Bq/kg de césium dans plus de 99 % des zones de Katsuraomura, à Fukushima.

Katsuraomura est dans le fusil de Futaba, le no-man’s-land de Fukushima, à 26 km de la centrale de Fukushima.
Les autorités locales ont divisé la surface du village en 1 038 carrés de 100 m×100 m (= 1 ha) et ont pris 5 échantillons dans chacun pour calculer leur moyenne. Les mesures ont été effectuées de mai à juillet 2012.
La zone dangereuse et la zone hautement radioactive ont été exclues.

Les résultats sont ceux-ci :

moins de 1 000 Bq/kg : 6 endroits
1 000 à 4 999 Bq/kg : 626 endroits
5 000 à 9 999 Bq/kg : 354 endroits
10 000 Bq/kg et plus : 52 endroits

Min : 742 Bq/kg
Max : 18 890 Bq/kg

Sur 99,4 % du village ils ont eu plus de 1 000 Bq/kg dans le sol et plus de 5 000 Bq/kg sur 39 % de cette surface dont ils doivent donc retirer le sol.

Toutefois, le chef du village pense toujours que ça peut se résoudre par la décontamination, comme il l’affirme ici :

Une grande partie du village est contaminé. Nous allons demander au gouvernement de décontaminer suffisamment les terres agricoles.



<Rapport financier du 14 septembre 2012>

Ici l’espace réservé à ce que j’ai reçu comme dons aujourd’hui.

Malheureusement, et ce ne devrait pas être, je suis l’une des personnes les plus au fait sur Fukushima et il y a vraiment très peu d’anglophones parmi les autres, donc ils doivent me demander. Personne ne peut obtenir d’information par les journaux, les télés ou même la recherche de terrain qui est factuelle mais très limitée. Toutefois, parce que je n’ai aucune formation (sur le nucléaire), peu de gens aime me demander ou me faire confiance par fierté. Beaucoup de gens lisent gentiment le Fukushima Diary  mais ils sont toujours seulement une partie de ceux que ça pourrait concerner.
Je peux vraiment comprendre ce qu’ils ressentent. Je suis jeune, je ne suis personne mais j’attends que tout le monde lise le Fukushima Diary.


More than 1000Bq/Kg was measured in 99.4% of a village area in no-man's-zone


More than 1000Bq/Kg was measured in 99.4% of a village area in no-man's-zone 2

  1. Katsuraomura is in Futaba gun, no-man’s-land in Fukushima,

    and it will be for a long , long time
    who am I kidding

    However, the village headman still thinks it can be resolved by decontamination We are going to request the government to
    decontaminate the farmland sufficiently.

    Im with you, they should also do the plant while their at it.

    I can almost hear the bulldozers now, scrape off the top soil,
    dump it somewhere else on the island
    hose it off with some water, or just wait till it rains a few times

    And if something did grow without topsoil, Im sure you could
    sell the harvest throughout japan.

    So sad, these people have lost everything, no one goes to jail for
    what is nothing short of a crime against humanity.
    Very little, if any compensation, just oh well, so sorry.

    Instead they keep the great mystery of nuclear power alive and well,
    One needs a degree to calculate or even understand the differant
    readings, Bq/kg, endroits, μSv/h, the atom is measured in curies or becquerels, The roentgen is a unit of measurement used to measure gamma ray, The rad is a unit of measurement used to measure the amount of nuclear energy, The rem is a unit of measurement used to determine the amount of biological damage caused by nuclear energy, amount of energy absorbed per unit of mass with a standard measure of 100 ergs of energy per gram of mass. Most just dont understand this crap.

    I could go on for hours, people love to show how smart they are and throw this tech jargon around
    Sadly its usually the same people who caused the mess who think they
    understand, but clearly they dont care if you never farm again headman.

    They tell lies, spread false hope, and stay far away from no mans land.

    Tell the govt you want new farm land, new schools, new houses.
    And they can decontaminate what they destroyed and put govt buildings
    there. Let them build their houses there.

    Make them pay, make them regret, make them insure this can never
    happen again.

  2. Hello!

    I need to post to make my mind free about how this affects me. There have been posts on this webpage already, that seemed to mirror expressions of polititians/officials that seemed so un-real – that seemed to lag any sense of reality that they have to be considered dis-information. I highly wellcome your mirroring this expressions while they make clear how desperate the situation really is. I thank you for your doings!

    Love Peace

  3. I am only a simple person who has made many mistakes in my life time. I am sorry for all that the japanese peopole are going thru. I wish all was well in the world and they could simply raise their famieies as best they can thru this difficult time. I would do the best I coud to grow or resource food that I knew was safe for my family. Without famiy nothing is importants I would do anything to insure that my sons survived and my grandson. I would give anything,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. I am a non japenese person going thru this. I feel the earth belongs to us all not just a nation of ideals. I fear for fukiushima. I would not feel safe being there. thoes who are there are literallly puttinhg their lives on the lines. I do not mean to denigrate anyone eslse in any way. But people are dealing with thiw as a subject for their dinner meal. Do we eat food contanimated food, or to we try to find better. What happens with the money. Who sufferers the loss???

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