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Food contamination

Radioactive silver, Ag-110m measured from fishery products offshore Fukushima, “Shipment was 9/11”

On 9/28/2012, Tepco released Nuclide Analysis Results of Fish and Shellfish (The Ocean Area Within 20km Radius of Fukushima plant). The report shows they have been measuring radioactive silver, Ag-110m from


[Yomiuri] Fukushima tobacco farmers prepare to ship

<Quote> [Yomiuri online] FUKUSHIMA–Farmers in Fukushima Prefecture have harvested leaf tobacco for the first time since cultivation was temporarily stopped due to the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear


[Japan Today] Bullet from ‘Yoshihiko Noda’ sent to Chinese embassy

<Quote> [Japan Today] TOKYO — The Chinese embassy in Tokyo has received a bullet in the post, with the sender giving their name as the Japanese prime minister, police and


Black rain fell in Chiba, “5400 Bq/L of beta nuclide in March of 2011”

On 9/28/2012, ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology released the report of Japan Chemical Analysis Center about their monitoring data of beta nuclide. In 2011, they took environmental samples,


Cesium measured from detergent, “Material is clay silicate from Fukushima”

A group from co-op, “Seikatsu club” measured cesium from cleanser. The maker is SK soap. They use clay silicate from Fukushima as the material of this cleanser.   Sample 1 Date :

Spent Fuel Pools

2 typhoons are going to pass eastern Japan

From 9/30/2012 to 10/1/2012, typhoon 17 (Jelawat, 930hPa) and typhoon 18 (Ewiniar, 985hPa) are going to pass eastern Japan. Japan meteorological agency forecasts Typhoon 17 is going to pass near Fukushima about


[ABC] Problem plagued nuclear reactor called world’s most dangerous

<Quote> [ABC] Japan’s Monju nuclear reactor was supposed to be a model of power generation in the future, but it’s had many problems and in two decades it’s only generated


[VOA] Japan plans to restart fast-breeder reactor

<Quote> [Voice of America] Japan Plans Restart of Controversial Reactor TSURUGA, JAPAN — There has been an ongoing debate in Japan on the best way to obtain a safe and