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Mutated sunflower in Kagawa prefecture

Mutated sunflower was found in Manno cho Kagawa prefecture. Kagawa is in Shikoku. 大きな地図で見る For the question of the prefectural agriculture and distribution department, an expert commented it may be


Pneumonia is unusually increasing around in hotspot, “80% of the patients are under 14”

On 7/30/2012, Fukushima Diary reported Mycoplasma pneumonia case is the highest in the past 10 years. (cf. Mycoplasma pneumonia cases the highest in past 10 years) 7 months have passed, but


JP gov banned shipping landlocked salmon from another river in Tochigi

Following up this article..[Fishery products] JP Gov banned landlocked salmon from outside of Fukushima On 9/10/2012, Japanese government banned shipping landlocked salmon from another river in Tochigi prefecture, Nagano gawa.

Food contamination Sea contamination

Cesium from 93% of fishery products 20km offshore Fukushima, highest reading was 1,350 Bq/Kg from greenling

On 9/19/2012, Tepco released Nuclide Analysis Results of Fish and Shellfish from the ocean area within 20km radius of Fukushima nuclear plant. 東電が9/19に発表した福島第一原子力発電所20km圏内海域の魚介類の核種分析結果によると、全体の93% (全95検体中88検体)からセシウムが検出されていることが分かりました。 最高値は太田川沖合い1km付近から採取されたアイナメの1,350Bq/Kgでした。 They measured cesium in 88 samples of


33 high school students from Tochigi worked to sort disaster debris in Miyagi

    On 9/8/2012, 33 high school students from Nikko Tochigi visited Higashi matsushima city Miyagi to work for sorting disaster debris. Higashi matsushima is 113km from Fukushima plant.  


White swallow found in Tokyo too

White animals are found in several locations in Japan. White wild boar found in Saga prefecture, “1 in 100,000 boars” White swallow found in Nagasaki   Another white swallow was