Tepco “What a waste to inject sea water to reactor2”


More and more facts are revealed from the non-released video material of 150 hours record in Tepco.

(cf. Tepco released video of emergency TV meeting “99.3% cut off, 1665 beep sounds, 29 image concealment”)

The head office of Tepco tried to stop Fukushima disaster team led by Yoshida from injecting sea water to cool down reactor2 for being afraid of corrosion. Reactor2 was about to have an explosion following reactor3 at this time. It severely needed coolant material.

In their in-house Fukushima accident investigation report, it’s stated that the disaster headquarters conducted measures to settle down Fukushima disaster to deny the fact that they hesitated to inject sea water to the reactors by trying to reuse the facility.
(cf. Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011)
Another lie of Tepco has been revealed again.

The conversation recorded in the video shows they were more interested in saving money than saving people’s lives.

In the evening of 3/13/2011.

Tepco head office (Anonymous staff of restoration planning team), “In my “selfish” opinion, it’s such a waste to inject sea water into reactor2 because it corrodes the reactor. Can you inject fresh water to the limit ?”

Yoshida, the former chief of Fukushima plant, “You want to reuse the reactor but it would be too late if we stick to fresh water. Fresh water is not an option. Now we need plenty supply of coolant water. We have to take sea water.”

Tepco head office, “That’s ok for now.”

Tepco head office, “but it still sounds so wasteful. *sardonic laugh* .”




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