Residential district accumulates radiation


Radiation is accumulated in city infrastructure.

Yokohama city government measured high level of radiation in 8 of 206 stormwater reservoirs for flood control.
Yokohama city is the second biggest city in Japan. It’s in Kanagawa prefecture and my hometown.

There are 218 reservoirs in Yokohama city. They measured radiation level in 206 of them for the safety of cleaning workers of mud or grass stuck inside of the reservoirs.
As a result, they measured radiation higher than 0.23 μSv/h (1m above from the floor) at 16 locations of 8 reservoirs. The highest reading was 0.37 μSv/h in Izumi ku, where is further than Tokyo from Fukushima plant, 260km.

Residential district accumulates radiation

Yokohama city government is going to leave 6 reservoirs uncleaned, remove mud and soil from 2 reservoirs to keep in facility.



<Settlement report 8/12/2012>

This is the space to report how much donation I received today.

This is the second report of today, sorry.

I think I need to post more articles in perspective sometimes. Getting into too much details makes you miss where you are going.

I really want to know what is going on under the reactors of Fukushima.  Where are the nuclear fuel ? How hot are they now ?

There is zero information given by Tepco. It’s really hard.

Settlement report 8/12/2012


Settlement report 8/12/2012 2



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