Tepco executives disappeared from emergency headquarters after the explosion of reactor1


Following up this article..Tepco released video of emergency TV meeting “99.3% cut off, 1665 beep sounds, 29 image concealment”

NHK made it clear that the video of 150 hours was only disclosed to the mass media, but they are not allowed to copy or record the source, and only 1.5 hour of the entire video was given to the press to show us. (cf. Rotten Japanese press -Tepco conference ended within 3 minutes)

Therefore we have to reply on press for the contents of concealed video.

NHK reported an executive declared “dissolution” and most of the managing executives left the countermeasures office in the head office in the night of 3/12/2011, when reactor1 exploded.
Former president, Shimizu left too. The countermeasures office was to support the workers in Fukushima plant.
Tepco states engineers remained to support Fukushima plant in disaster.

This part was only disclosed for the mass media.



<Settlement report 8/1~8/6/2012>

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Most of the Tepco executives disappeared from emergency headquarters on 3/12/2012 after the explosion of reactor1


Most of the Tepco executives disappeared from emergency headquarters on 3/12/2012 after the explosion of reactor1 2







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5 Responses to “Tepco executives disappeared from emergency headquarters after the explosion of reactor1”

  1. Wakjob says:


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  2. FC says:

    There is a TEPCO reort out this week stating changes for the clean up plan.
    It looks like they have used up a lot of containers for radioactive water and contaminated debris and need to add more.

    The story is here -

    The whole report is in Japanese. I hope you can find it using Japanese search terms.
    If you do – perhaps post something like a summary of it in English.

    Are they trying to stop rain water coming down the nearby hill from flooding the plant? Or are they pumping (contaminated) water out of the plant up on the hill?

  3. FC says:

    ** TEPCO report **

  4. RubyGlare says:

    Yet 1 more reason-out of thousands-to get rid of executive positions: they leave first, they take ALL the corp. money, they’re a hugge leech on investors & corp with their platinum parachutes

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