Largest supermarket chain and Imperial family move their back up in western Japan

The center of Japan is starting to shift from Tokyo to western Japan. (cf. HSBC is evacuating Japan)
The largest Japanese supermarket chain, Aeon decided to send executives from Chiba to Nagoya airport in Aichi by helicopter in case of emergency.

Their head office is in Mihama Chiba city Chiba currently. About 500 employees are working there. Now they are building alternative head office in Komaki city Aichi. It is supposed to be for the risk of the earthquake to hit Tokyo directly.
Aichi is geographically in the middle of Japan. In case of the catastrophic earthquake in Tokyo, it will be easier to give orders to their branches all over in Japan to recover.

The president of Aeon, Okada Motoya is brother of Okada Katsuya, the deputy Prime Minister.
The founder of Aeon is the father of Okada Katsuya.

Also, the Imperial family was offered to move some of the members from Tokyo to Kyoto by Kyoto governor and Kyoto city mayor.

On 7/26/2012, Yamada, Kyoto governor and Kadokawa, Kyoto city mayor offered Fujimura, chief cabinet secretary to move some of the Imperial family members. This is also for the risk of the earthquake to hit Tokyo directly supposedly.
Yamada, Kyoto governor talked to the media at official residence, “We need to consider the risk of the current state that most of the members of Imperial family are living in Tokyo.”

Largest supermarket chain and Imperial family move their back up in western Japan

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