Fukushima will test-fish 7 more kinds of fishery products


Having measured 25,800 Bq/Kg of cesium from greenling, Fukushima is wanting to ship fishery products. They are believing some sorts of fishery products are safe even from the same sea area. (cf. Cesium from 90% of fishery products offshore Fukushima, “Highest reading was 25,800 Bq/kg”)

Fukushima reconstruction association of fishery industry decided to start the test fishing of additional 7 types of products on 8/22/2012. It will be around offshore Soma.

The 7 types include rock fish, hair crab, todarodes and whelk.
It will be officially approved by fishery cooperative on 8/28/2012, test fishing will start in September.

They haven’t measured radiation from these 7 types of products since January, but probably they only check cesium, not strontium.

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