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[Evidence] Yellow cloud coming toward Yokohama on 3/16/2011

(3/16/2011, in Shin yokohama) At 13:00 of 3/16/2011, unidentified yellow cloud was observed coming from north to Yokohama. To prove it wasn’t the seasonal phenomenon, Yokohama meteorological observatory received about 20

Sea contamination

[Contaminated canned fished distributed] 2.9 Bq/Kg of cesium from canned mackerel sold in Yokohama

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 2.9 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from canned mackerel. It was produced in Aomori and sold in Yokohama. Product : Canned mackerel Cs-134

Natural disasters

The possibility of Chiba to be hit scale 6- in 30 years is 75.7%

Earthquake Research Committee of the government published the possibility of various regions that may be hit by an earthquake larger than scale 6- in 30 years, which was revised by

Food contamination

Elementary school student in Tokyo area, “We should think all the food is contaminated. We are just left to die.”

A Japanese blogger reported a conversation of the children. The elementary school students were eating steamed buns with meat filling near a convenient store after a cramming school at night.


12778.74Bq/kg of cesium from the HEPA filter of air cleaner in Yokohama

High level of cesium was measured from the HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air filters) of air cleaner.   Location : Five stories apartment in Yokohama Kanagawa Usage : 2/4/2011 ~


Cesium from baby food made in Aichi, “hasn’t been published since August”

Cesium was measured from baby food produced in Aichi prefecture. It was sold in Yokohama city already. However, it hasn’t been published since August, for 2 months and a half.


Cesium measured from shavings of dried bonito produced in Kagoshima, the most southern part of Kyushu

According to Yokohama city board of education, cesium was measured from shavings of dried bonito produced in Kagoshima. They were tested on 1/6/2012, used to school lunch. Sample : shavings of dried


Cesium from baby food made in Tokyo and Aichi

Radiation is starting to be measured from baby food. We are having less and less to feed our babies. According to the radiation measurement of Yokohama city government, cesium 134/137


Residential district accumulates radiation

  Radiation is accumulated in city infrastructure. Yokohama city government measured high level of radiation in 8 of 206 stormwater reservoirs for flood control. Yokohama city is the second biggest

Natural disasters

Settlement report 6/5 ~ 6/6/2012 – beginning

    I was living alone before 311, but I didn’t cook by myself. Because the gas and electricity were too expensive in my area, buying food at supermarket was