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Column Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Column] Whatever happens, I’m always here to update you.

In the beginning, all the posts were like these “columns”. I summarized news and posted it on Facebook and other SNSs. Nobody believed me for some reason. I posted all


[Column] Compass

  There is an old gypsy lady around my apartment. Since I gave her 65 cents before, she waves her hands to me every time she sees me. She has


[Column] Fukushima Diary is not a public bin of frustration

Now everything is in the mess. Nobody knows what to do. No one knows where to go. So I took the most indubitable choice -evacuation. I have loads to say


Settlement report 3/6/2012

No report because there was no donation.   I’m thinking of covering the French issue as well. I wonder if anyone can be the administrator of the chat box ?