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[Column] Wake up and find the way to go

A friend of the apartment owner came to install the washing machine last night. Because he kept on asking me what I do and if I had a “proper” journalism


[Express] “A German travel agent stopped offering the package tour for Japan in case of potential lawsuit”

Introducing important tweets as  [Express] for simultaneous updates.   ドイツの大手旅行会社に勤める友人の話。日本へのパック旅行販売からは完全撤退。需要がないからではなく、将来、訴訟などのトラブルを懸念してのこと。だとか。 — 毛ば部 とる子 さん (@kaori_sakai) 1月 9, 2013 <Translate> A friend of mine is working for a major German travel agent.


Radioactive particles circulate the world taking 40 days

  Following up this article..Cesium fallout spikes every 40 days NHK reported the full study of Prof. Watanabe, which Yomiuri newspaper missed. The researching group of Prof. Watanabe assumes the