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Expert of Tokyo Uni “Evacuation increases cancer more than radiation”

Assistant professor of the department of radiology, Nakagawa Keiichi from The University of Tokyo Hospital states that radiation won’t increase cancer, but evacuation will increase cancer.   This statement is included

Effects to be confirmed Malformation

11 of 26 pork pigs from Minamisoma died after evacuation / Expert “Possibly exposed from breathing”

About half of the evacuated pork pigs died.   Assistant pro. Li from Tokyo University reported on 2/16/2014.   The pork pigs were raised in 20km area in Minamisoma for

Sea contamination

[Express] “Radioactive density offshore Fukushima/Tepco 2,700Bq/Kg → Tokyo Uni 40,152Bq/Kg”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Radioactive material accumulated on the bottom of the sea Fukushima offshore. Tepco’s analysis : 2,700 Bq/Kg Tokyo University’s analysis :


[Express] “36 μSv/h in Ohkuma-machi Fukushima”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.     <Translate> (Assis Professor. Shozugawa from graduate school of Tokyo university) In Ohkuma-machi Fukushima, you can measure this level of radiation

Plant hazard

[Column] 3 facts to support the hypothesis that fractured nuclear fuel is in individual stages of nuclear reaction

This is not a widely known fact but 12/17/2012 was a historical day of Fukushima plant. In the evening of that day, the RPV temperature want higher than the temperature


National Institute of Public Health,”To make Africa accept nuclear plants, people must take risk and stay in Fukushima”

According to Japanese journalists and comedian duo Oshidori, National Institute of Public Health thinks Fukushima people must accept the radiation risk otherwise they can’t make African nations, South Korea and

Sea contamination

Radiation reached 3200km east to Fukushima in Pacific ocean by this March

Radiation leaked to the sea or plume reached 3200km east to Fukushima by March of 2012. Meteorological Research Institute and Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute of the University of Tokyo


Cesium measured from plankton 600km from Fukushima plants

  Assistant prof. Nishikawa from Tokyo university took samples of plankton at 17 points from 30~600 km diameters in Pacific ocean. As a result, cesium 137 was measured from all


Cesium pollen will increase the radiation level up to the last April level

Though Japanese government stated cesium pollen won’t affect your body, Ibaraki University and other laboratories are studying the effect of cesium pollen. Prof Kita from College of Science, Ibaraki University