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Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Plant hazard

Tepco “Shortage of Fukushima workers caused the leakage”

Having been reprimanded by Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Tepco submitted the report about their management improvement plan. (cf, JP Gov considers to revise the decommissioning plan having the series of contaminated

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Breaking] Impervious wall construction intermitted “due to the shortage of Fukushima workers”

Having contaminated groundwater flowing to the sea, Tepco is building the impervious wall near the seaside. (cf, Tepco completed 16% of ground improvement on the east side of reactor1&2 [URL])

Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Critical situation]Fukushima worker confesses, actual Fukushima workers are less than half of what’s reported.

On 11/5/2012, Fukushima diary reported 67% Fukushima workers have already left Fukushima. [Link] Fukushima worker “Happy11311” tweeted the actual situation is way more serious than that.   1F原発作業従事者8000人の報道あったけど実質の作業員はその半分以下でし(>_<)従事社登録の半分以上は東電社員ですから鵜呑みしないでね。作業員8000人もいないでし。[Link] <Translate> They reported


Doctors keep leaving Fukushima

  Japanese government is trying to make people believe Fukushima can be reconstructed. However, they can’t stop doctors escaping from Fukushima. Doesn’t it mean it’s too dangerous to live in

Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Nuke worker shortage] Worker left integral dosimeter in the bus on purpose

Unlike Chernobyl, supply of nuclear worker is very limited in Japan. Tepco and the sub-contract companies are having a difficulty to collect nuclear workers. (cf. Fukushima worker “Human-wave tactics will