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Confirmed effects Cover-ups

IAEA is to cooperate with Fukushima Gov for decontamination and health management

  Medical situation to surround Fukushima is becoming large scale. Amano, head of the secretariat of IAEA announced they are going to start the project to decontaminate and manage health


Fukushima local gov required Tepco to announce it was safe after the explosion of reactor3

  Government is to save your life. This turned out to be totally an illusion. At least Fukushima local government was more afraid of losing their human tax farm than


Fukushima governor has never visited nuclear plants

  From the report of NHK, it turned out that Sato Yuhei, the Fukushima governor has never visited Fukushima nuclear plants since 311. On 3/8/2012, Sato Yuhei visited Fukushima nuclear