Radiation level picked up 7 times in Kobe

Radiation level spiked up in Kobe.

The cause is not verified but some people are weary about sudden debris incineration.

Around 1:30 of 8/31/2012 (JST), the radiation level picked up from 0.04 μSv/h to 0.28 μSv/h.

about 5 hours have passed but it’s still in the high level.

Kobe is in Hyogo, about 607 km from Fukushima plant.

↓ Location of Kobe

Radiation level picked up 7 times in Kobe


↓ Radiation level

Radiation level picked up 7 times in Kobe 2





Français :

Le niveau de radioactivité se multiplie d’un coup par 7 à Kobe

Le niveau de radioactivité monte en flèche à Kobe.

La cause n’est pas déterminée mais des gens en ont marre des soudaines fumées d’incinération.

Vers 1:30 le 31 août 2012 (JST), le niveau de radioactivité est brusquement passé de 0,04 μSv/h à 0,28 μSv/h.

5 heures sont passées depuis mais le niveau reste toujours aussi fort.

Kobe est dans Hyogo, à environ 607 km de la centrale de Fukushima.

↓ Situation de Kobe

Le niveau de radioactivité se multiplie d'un coup par 7 à Kobe


↓ Niveau de radioactivité

Le niveau de radioactivité se multiplie d'un coup par 7 à Kobe 2



  1. They are certainly “sharing the pain.” Now people know radiation will damage DNA, cause birth defects ..and infertility (only 20% fertile). The government wants wants THAT for the public? Why not just sterilize everyone-then no problems are transmitted…..(sarcasm)

  2. Since the globalists can’t weaken Japan through mass immigration like in US, they are weakening Japan with radiation all over. This is orelude to WW3 which globalists want. USA and Japan will be unseated by China as new rulers of world. Globalists will wait some time for radiation sickness to cause its effects. That is why radioactive waste is now being burned all over Japan. 3/11 was no accident!!!!!

  3. @Wakjob: There are no boundaries to nuclear contamination; it is not confined to Japan; covered northern hemisphere in 2 weeks, global in 40 days (CBTBO). And it is essentially forever. As reported, it is a man-made event by virtue of choosing “$millions v health” for decades since the start of the military-industrial-congressional complex (Eisenhower’s farewell address). Corporate profit motive and war machine out of control, without regard to anyone’s health. Short-sighted and now a growing global catastrophe.

    There is no agenda to destroy Japan, instead there is ongoing support for Japan, despite the fact that all food is contaminated: example, Trans Pacific Trade Agreement. But the nuclear policy is destroying Japan and the Japanese people still there, because of greed and incompetence. Sadly, this is happening in all NATO nations – global, nuclear death industry.

  4. that spike could well stem from radioactive noble gasses released upwind during routine change of fuel rods – because for that the pressure vessel has to be opened and filters wont catch noble gasses. I had spikes like that before on my Black Cat detector documented more or less by chance because I do run it very seldom here in Germany.

  5. Just a broken sensor


    From the kobe city website

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