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Namie machi to conduct Chromosome Banding test for 0~18 y.o children

In order to evaluate the primary exposure dose, Namie machi is going to conduct the Chromosome Banding test for children who were 0 ~ 18 years old in 311 to

Food contamination

Fukushima enlarged test fishing sea area by 150%, “Octopus was small and less than before”

On 10/22/2012, test fishing sea area was enlarged by 150% from Soma city offshore to Namie machi offshore. They fished 6.2 tones of octopus, Todarodes pacificus, and hair crab etc..but


316 μSv/h in Namiemachi, out of mandatory evacuation area

The radiation level is still extremely high, even outside the mandatory evacuation area. Akohgi, Namie-machi (about 26 km from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant), is outside the planned evacuation area,


Reconstruction minister admits they can’t decontaminate it all

Following up this article..88 km of the great wall is planned to barricade Fukushima contaminated zone Hirano reconstruction minister held a meeting with the town mayor of Namiemachi Fukushima and

Confirmed effects Cover-ups

Fukushima prefecture requested Hirosaki university to stop internal exposure test

      Fukushima prefectural government requested Hirosaki University to stop internal exposure test “because it causes fear of Fukushima people”. Researching team of Hirosaki university conducted radiation test for


Namie machi bans reporting inside of the hazard area

  Namie machi in Hazard area bans internet streaming from the inside of the hazard area and taking mass media into the area. Japanese government ordered to cull cattle inside


Fukushima citizen seppuku-ed to protest against Tepco

  Related to this article..JP Gov VS Japanese citizens By November of 2011, 2 citizens in Namie machi Fukushima commit suicide. The name of the first person is Matsumoto Hideyuki.


Good bye cherry blossom

  Cherry blossoms reached full bloom in Tomioka machi Fukushima, where the entire area is in evacuation zone. In “Yono mori (Night forest)” area, 500 cherry blossoms are growing on

Confirmed effects

Fukushima citizen 90 mSv of thyroid exposure

  4/11~16/2011, Mr. Tokonami from Hirosaki university checked Iodine 131 level of the thyroid for 65 of Fukushima citizens. 48 of them evacuated from Hamadori to Fukushima city, 17 of


JP Gov VS Japanese citizens

  Following up this article ..JP Gov is planning to remove the antu-nuclear tent in front of METI Japanese government was planning to remove the tents on 5 PM  1/27/2012.