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Explosion under a vending machine in Fukushima

Around 0:40 PM of 10/27/2012, something exploded underneath a vending machine in Motomiya city Fukushima. A man (64) purchased a juice. Immediately after that, there was an explosive sound and


Monitoring posts are destroyed by someone in Fukushima

Since this June, radiation monitoring posts have been destroyed by someone in Fukushima. According to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 5 monitoring posts have been having the


10,502 Bq/Kg from Karuizawa Nagano, 253km from Fukushima

It’s not only Tokyo area to be contaminated, but also Nagano to be damaged. Though it’s surrounded by mountains, fallout reached. 10,502 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured in Nagano. It


A baby in 0.36μSv/h

A freelance journalist reported from Motomiya station in Fukushima, where is 57km away from Fukushima plants.   本宮駅なう。赤ちゃんをあやす若い母親。微笑ましい光景だが、線量は0.36μSV/h。赤ちゃんの無事を祈るのみ。撮影後、線量は0.4に達した #本宮市 #被曝 @kuanyin24 twitter.com/s_hiroki24/sta… — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者) (@s_hiroki24) May 21, 2012 <Translate> Motomiya station now. A