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[Column] Spring calls

The airplane got the engine turned on. I was looking around in the plane, where I boarded almost the first time in my life. My mobile phone rang in my


1,700 victims sued the gov and Tepco for 5.4 billion yen compensation

  On 3/11/2013, 1,650 victims jointly filed a suit in the court against the government and Tepco for 5.4 billion yen of compensation, which is the first case against the


[Express] “A German travel agent stopped offering the package tour for Japan in case of potential lawsuit”

Introducing important tweets as  [Express] for simultaneous updates.   ドイツの大手旅行会社に勤める友人の話。日本へのパック旅行販売からは完全撤退。需要がないからではなく、将来、訴訟などのトラブルを懸念してのこと。だとか。 — 毛ば部 とる子 さん (@kaori_sakai) 1月 9, 2013 <Translate> A friend of mine is working for a major German travel agent.

Malformation Natural disasters

[Column] 5 most meaningful events of 2012 related to Fukushima accident

1. M7 hit Japan on 1/1/2012 At 14:34 1/1/2012 (JST), M7 hit Japan. [Link] It was scale 3 ~4 in Fukushima. 3 hours later, Tepco confirmed the water level of


[Column] If I were the sailor, I cannot miss these 3 points

8 US navy sailors sued Tepco. This is historical because it’s the first case of Tepco sued outside of Japan to be followed by possible numerous other cases. This could


The US Navy sailors’ complaint refers to Fukushima Diary

The complaint of the US Navy Sailors was published. (cf, [Bloomberg] Tepco Sued by U.S. Sailors Exposed to Radiation [Link]) The complaint referred to Fukushima Diary with Enenews. On 12/27/2012,


[Column] 3 mysteries about the US Navy sailors’ suing Tepco

By 12/27/2012, eight crew members of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan sued Tepco for the deception and concealment of information. (cf, [Bloomberg] Tepco Sued by U.S. Sailors Exposed to Radiation [Link])


[Bloomberg] Tepco Sued by U.S. Sailors Exposed to Radiation

<Quote> [Bloomberg] By Joe Schneider – Dec 27, 2012 10:24 AM GMT+0200 ・・・ The sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan nuclear-powered aircraft carrier were involved in disaster relief operations following

Confirmed effects

Yamashita “I cut down the compensation amount to save the Gov, and the people.”

  The Fukushima prefectural government neither offers medical care to Fukushima residents nor accepts responsibility for helping them evacuate. It is even trying to convince former Fukushima residents to return from other