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Fasciated evening primrose in Chiba

Terribly fasciated evening primrose was found in Kashiwa Chiba. Kashiwa is known to be hot spot.     @onodekita 0.3μSv/h土地に沢山このような帯状化奇形植物がはえてます。場所は柏市です。 twitter.com/kohejamira2/st… — むぎ君さん (@kohejamira2) 7月 11, 2012 <Translate> This kind


SHIBUYA-AX as contaminated as Kashiwa Chiba

1.15 μSv/h at SHIBUYA-AX, a live house in Shibuya Tokyo.     ↓ 1.17μSv/h in Kashiwa Chiba [Link]   Source Iori Mochizuki


10.15 μSv/h at Kashiwa city hospital

5/4/2012 Kashiwa city hospital in Chiba Atmospheric dose : 0.25μSv/h 10.15 μSv/h above the dead leaves. Kashiwa final disposal site is only 200m away from this hospital. Until 6.2011, they


Decrease of population accelerates in Chiba

  Following up this article..Population of Chiba decreased for the first time since 1920 Population of Chiba decreased by 10,691 from 1/1 to 4/1/2012, which is almost the same entire

Domestic and global Environment

186 Bq/Kg from tap water in Kashiwa

A Japanese magazine reported they measured 186 Bq/kg from tap water in Kashiwa. 186 Bq/kg from tap water in Kashiwa Chiba (3/14/2012) 147 Bq/kg from tap water in Kashiwa Chiba

Effects to be confirmed

Voice of the streets 4/6/2012

私の上司の子供の小学校は天王洲近く。瓦礫燃やし始めて一週間後くらいにPTAのお父さんが全員入院してた。脳梗塞もいた。関係あった…よなぁ… RT @onodekita: 品川ガレキ焼却時のグラフ。 監視しなければ、いくらでもやる。twitter.com/#!/cmk2wl/stat… — Saori (@taoyuri21) March 31, 2012   <Translate> The child of my boss goes to the elementary school near Tennoz Shinagawa Tokyo. About 1 week


2567 Bq/kg from soil in Kashiwa

A media writer “Chidai” measured 2567 Bq/Kg of cesium from the soil of his garden in Kashiwa Chiba. He measured 110 Bq/kg from Chinese citron growing in the garden. The atmospheric


Black substance is covering all the Kanto area

Black substance (cyanobacteria) is spreading all over Kanto area. The very similar substance was found in Kashiwa Chiba, where is known to be a hotspot. ↓ It looks like mixture


1.17μSv/h in Kashiwa Chiba

1.17μSv/h was measured in front of the train station “Kashiwa no ha campus” in Chiba. It was 0.79 on the bush.     大きな地図で見る     Just for reader’s information,


8 of 17 children have atypical lymphocyte

Private institute of radiation risk researcher announced 8 of 17 children have atypical lymphocyte on 3/4/2012. The institute is run by 3 doctors and advised by Dr. Hida, who researched