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Confirmed effects

4 children diagnosed thyroid abnormality only with visual inspection and palpation without ultrasound in Abiko city

Doctors found thyroid abnormality among children only by visual inspection and palpation in Chiba.   Last September, Abiko city in Chiba announced they implemented thyroid test in elementary school and

Contaminated water crisis

NRA doesn’t implement 100% inspection for contaminated water tanks

Related to this article.. NRA spokesman “We don’t know what our inspectors actually check about the contaminated water tanks” [URL]   On 9/28/2013, Nuclear Regulation Authority stated they don’t implement

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco to start inspection of common spent fuel pool

Fukushima Diary reported common spent fuel pool is more heated than the pools of rector1, 2 and 3. [Link] On 12/20/2012, Tepco published the plan of inspection of the Spent


Tokyo women’s medical university hospital “We are told not to give radiation inspection by the gov.”

Tokyo women’s medical university hospital put this notice at its entrance. <Translate> To patients Currently, we don’t serve radiation inspection or medical treatment. <End>   This hospital is famous for