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Radiation level spiked in Hokkaido, “Still it’s on-going”

According to the report of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, radiation level spiked up in Hokkaido, the most northern island in Japan. It started picking up at 15:40


[NHK] Japan’s 1st recycled-fuel plant

<Quote> [NHK] A Japanese power company plans to finish building Japan’s first nuclear power station to run exclusively on recycled fuel, a mixture of plutonium extracted from spent fuel and

Natural disasters

M5.9 Hokkaido, JMA seismic intensity was 5-

M5.9 hit Hokkaido, Tokachi area.It was scale 5- It’s not reported about the state of Fukushima plant.     Source     Iori Mochizuki


10% of aphid in Fukushima are deformed “Normally it’s less than 1%.”

Hokkaido newspaper reported (cf. Hokkaido newspaper “Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area” )Prof. Akimoto from Hokkaido university Research faculty of Agriculture found about 10%


Hokkaido newspaper “Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area”

On 8/4/2012, Hokkaido Newspaper mentioned the contamination situation around in Tokyo area by quoting the comment of assistant Prof. Koide from Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. “According to government’s research,


172 packs of Fukushima cucumbers deceptively labelled as from Hokkaido

  The biggest risk to live in Japan is contaminated food. Even if you choose food from western Japan or far north Japan, the label of origin is sometimes false.


[Sea contamination] Cesium in Pacific cod is increasing offshore Hokkaido

Octopus from Fukushima was sold for the first time since 311, however, other countries like South Korea is making the import regulation more strict than ever for the concern about

Food contamination

Evacuated children, urine test positive for cesium

Fukushima citizen who evacuated to Wakayama had cesium measured from urine test of his children. He assumes it’s from Snack, milk, and school lunch.   大大大ショックです。和歌山在住、小6の長男の尿からセシウムが出ました。福島から避難して約1年になります。家では東日本の食材は避けています。給食・牛乳は普通にとらせていました。あとおやつは市販のものを普通に食べていました。まずは牛乳と市販のおやつを止めるしかないですね… — ikuko(反原発!自主避難中) (@ikurann) March


Fukushima contaminated Hokkaido food too

  Online food shop Alter measured radiation of food from Hokkaido. It turned out that Hokkaido food is contaminated as well. The person who asked Alter to analyze tweeted like