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5 star hotel Grand Hyatt Fukuoka supports Fukushima by eating

The executive chef of Grand Hyatt Fukuoka is registered as “Fukushima supporter chef” to fight harmful rumor. Ernst Jaeck, who has been the “Fukushima supporter chef” since 1/22/2014, serves agricultural

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US life insurance company “MassMutual” to split headquarters Tokyo & Fukuoka in 9 month for “disaster risk in Tokyo”

On 6/26/2014, an American life insurance company “MassMutual Life Insurance Company” announced that they are going to split the headquarters function into Tokyo and Fukuoka of Kyushu, western Japan. They


Fukuoka school lunch association has been purchasing food from Fukushima since August 2011

Fukuoka prefectural school lunch association has been purchasing food from Fukushima at least since August 2011. School lunch material from Fukushima are recorded on their radiation measurement data published on


Kitakyushu city government started internet censorship to begin debris incineration

Kitakyushu city started incineration of disaster debris as of 9/17/2012. (cf. Atmospheric dose is high in Fukuoka prefecture) The debris is from Ishinomaki city, Miyagi. They are going to incinerate


Atmospheric dose is high in Fukuoka prefecture

Radiation level is extraordinarily high in Fukuoka prefecture. The highest reading is o.08~0.09 μSv/, where it’s 0.06~0.065 μSv/h in other prefectures around. Fukuoka prefecture is in the north part of


Kitakyushu city starts incineration of disaster debris to arrest nonviolent protesters

  Following up this article..JP gov is going to send disaster debris to USA Kitakyushu city will start test incineration of disaster debris for the following 3 days. This is


Fasciated chrysanth in Fukuoka

Following up this article..Double-headed worm in Miyagi Fasciated chrysanth was found in Kitakyushu city Fukuoka. The scientific name is Senecio integrifolius subsp.       大きな地図で見る ↓ Normal type Source Iori Mochizuki