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Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Xe-133/135 detected from gas sample of reactor1,2,3, amount not announced, Tepco “Spontaneous fission”

Related to this article..Ag-110m detected from gas sample of reactor1 and 3, “The boiling point is 2,164℃” [URL] From the analysis of PCV gas sampling, Tepco announced they detected Xe-133/135

Plant hazard

Cs-134:137 ratio of reactor3 sub-drain is 91.3% on 5/20/2013

According to Tepco, Cs-134:137 ratio of reactor3 sub-drain is unusually high. The half-life of Cs-134 is 2 years, the one of Cs-137 is 30.1 years. From the samples of 5/20/2013,

Plant hazard

Ministry of Defense detected Xe-133 from the atmosphere of Aichi offshore “halflife is 5 days”

  On 2/13/2013, Ministry of Defense conducted aircraft monitoring of radioactive material for N. Korea’s nuclear test based on the forecast of WSPEEDI-Ⅱ. (cf, [Surrealism] MOE reinforces radiation monitoring for

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Column] What is happening in reactor2 and what can be caused ?

A thermometer of RPV in reactor2 keeps indicating the increasing temperature. Tepco used assert the thermometer was disordered every time they saw it indicate increasing temperature. However this time, another

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Tepco to inject nitrogen gas into the suppression chamber of reactor2 as well, “Kr-85 and Hydrogen gas increase”

According to the mid/long term roadmap of Tepco released on 12/25/2012, increase of Kr-85 and hydrogen gas has been observed in PCV of reactor2. Kr-85 and hydrogen gas are fission

Plant hazard

[Column] 3 facts to support the hypothesis that fractured nuclear fuel is in individual stages of nuclear reaction

This is not a widely known fact but 12/17/2012 was a historical day of Fukushima plant. In the evening of that day, the RPV temperature want higher than the temperature

Contaminated water crisis Domestic and global Environment Plant hazard

Fukushima coolant water comes directly to underground water ? Boron detected from underground water in Iwaki

On 10/25/2012, Fukushima prefectural board of education announced 6.9 mg/L of boron was detected from the underground water in Iwaki city Fukushima. The safety limit is 1 mg/L. Boric acid

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Intermittent increase of Krypton-85 to suggest on-going nuclear fission in reactor1

Intermittent increase of Krypton-85 was observed in reactor1. Tepco suddenly reported they examined the density of krypton-85 and hydrogen gas. This was the first time for them to announce Krypton-85