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Tsunami embankment in Iwaki is still just sandbags / Plants are starting to grow up – Photo

Having catastrophic Tsunami damage, the embankment of Iwaki is still remaining just “sandbags”. A local citizen posted on Twitter on 8/9/2014. (Photo attached on the top) Plants are already growing

Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Fukushima citizen posted “Tsunami seawall in Fukushima prefecture is only sandbags” – Photo

Photo : Fukushima seawall posted by a local citizen   Related to this article.. Tepco “No abnormality was reported after M6.8″ / No details are announced yet [URL]   On 7/12/2014,

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[Analysis] The sudden blackout revealed the weakness of Fukushima plant, “Reactor4 has 4 days to go”

In the evening of 3/18/2013, Fukushima plant had the power blackout and the coolant system of reactor1, 3 and 4 lost power. (cf, [Breaking] Power blackout in Fukushima plant, coolant

Natural disasters

Fukushima worker “Most of the workers know it takes over 40 years to decommission Fukushima plant”

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 tweeted most of the Fukushima workers are aware that it takes over 40 years to decommission the plant. Also, he warned in case of another earthquake

Natural disasters

Fukushima plant tide embankment is still in the temporary state “EXIF of the picture is removed”

Major aftershocks hit Japan continuously, and Tepco insists Fukushima accident was caused by Tsunami. However, they still keep the tide embankment temporary state, which looks like it’s made of debris.

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[Picture] The tide embankment of Hamaoka nuclear plant, “189km from Tokyo”

Hamaoka nuclear plant is building Tsunami embankment to restart. On 12/8/2012, Cabinet office announced the Tsunami caused by possible Nankai Trough earthquake could be 19m high. Cepco has been planning to