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[Express] “40 tones of decontamination waste remain in house area in Fukushima”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> The day before yesterday, a taxi driver told me, “I live near Shinobuyama (Fukushima city). I appreciate the decontamination, my

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Sendai city to take back decontamination waste from purification center to dump in elementary school

  38 m3 of radioactive soil is going to be dumped in the area of an elementary school in Sendai city Miyagi. The soil is the waste of decontamination. It

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Radioactive soil from decontamination dumped beside the tapwater source in Nihonmatsu city Fukushima

  According to journalist Kirishima, contaminated soil produced from decontamination is dumped beside Yamanoiri dam in Nihonmatsu city Fukushima, which is the tapwater source. It’s dumped on the heights even

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[Column] 2 reasons why Fukushima Diary doesn’t cover the “shady” decontamination news

On 1/4/2013, Asahi newspaper “scooped” that the decontamination is not implemented in the proper way in Fukushima. Decontamination workers dumped soil, leaves and stems produced from decontamination into the river,

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2.52μSv/h in Kawasaki

  Highly radioactive garbage was found in a riverbed of Tamagawa Kawasaki, announced by the Keihin Office of River on 3/23/2012. It was 2.52μSv/h at 5cm away from the garbage,

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Fukushima decontamination company is dumping radioactive mud from decontamination to Abukuma river

Following up this article ..Snowmelt will carry the radiation stocked in mountain Fukushima decontamination company is dumping the radioactive mud to the nearest major river, Abukuma gawa. Basin area is