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Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

NRA announced the dry cask for spent fuel of Fukushima plant might be overly vulnerable

On 12/4/2015, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) announced that the dry cask to store the spent fuel assemblies can be excessively vulnerable. In order to stock the fuel assemblies of SFP

Spent Fuel Pools

Alarm at the Temporary Dry Cask Storage Facility, Tepco “No abnormality was found”

According to Tepco, alarm went off at the Temporary Dry Cask Storage Facility at 9:10 of 5/1/2013. Tepco is transferring the spent fuel assemblies from the common pool to this

Spent Fuel Pools

Edano, Minister of Economy, “Nuclear Spent fuel should be stocked in Tokyo and other big city areas”

The entire spent fuel pools in Japan will be completely full within 6 years from now. (cf. Rokkasho reprocessing plant, “If JP Gov abandons fuel reprocessing, we’ll send back spent