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[Column] Why Fukushima Diary reports Japanese political situation that has drifted to the right

Among Japanese people who have been worried about radiation, the biggest concern is conscription at the time. This may sound difficult to understand for non-Japanese nationality holders, but this is

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[Column] 3 misunderstandings of foreign media about this election

Because Japan changed too fast, foreign media misunderstood the points of this election. Correcting the misunderstandings is very important to see what is going to happen. Here I’m going to


[Column] 3 reasons why we must stop loving Japan

There were some reasons why I left Japan. One of the biggest reasons was the spreading radiation, but another reason was the rising fascism. I did not talk about that


Japanese critic Yukawa Reiko, “If Japan has military, I would consider abandoning Japan with my grandchild”

On 11/22/2012, Fukushima Diary reported the potential new Japanese prime minister Abe is considering the rearmament of Japan to build military. [Link] Japanese journalist Akihiro Ohtani comments if Japan has


[Column] Japan expecting a Christmas present from North Korea

North Korea “kindly” announced they are going to launch a missile from 12/10 to 12/22/2012, they even announced the time to launch, which is from 7AM to 0PM. I wish

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6.2 % of Fukushima workers have not been explained where they were to work or wage even verbally

According to Tepco’s research, about half of the sub-contract workers have fraud contract. Also it turned out that 198 of workers (6.2%) have not been explained where they are going

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[Column] Japan may seek solution of Fukushima in drifting to the right

Japan is going to have the 3rd prime minister after 311 from the election planned on 12/16. The new prime minister is likely to be Abe of LDP. He is

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[Column] What is going to happen for the next stage of Fukushima accident ?

Fukushima Diary refers to the tweets of Mr. “Happy11311” sometimes. He calls himself an actual Fukushima worker and his tweets are detailed enough to make you believe he is a


[Column] For the people who still have spirit

I haven’t met or seen any of native american living in the population center, but I heard some of them are empty. Since I came to America, I have been

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[Critical situation]Fukushima worker confesses, actual Fukushima workers are less than half of what’s reported.

On 11/5/2012, Fukushima diary reported 67% Fukushima workers have already left Fukushima. [Link] Fukushima worker “Happy11311” tweeted the actual situation is way more serious than that.   1F原発作業従事者8000人の報道あったけど実質の作業員はその半分以下でし(>_<)従事社登録の半分以上は東電社員ですから鵜呑みしないでね。作業員8000人もいないでし。[Link] <Translate> They reported