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Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Tepco admits they concealed the fact of meltdown

On 5/30/2016, a director of Tepco, Anegawa admitted that Tepco concealed the fact of meltdown in 311. He stated that in the press conference of that day. He says it was

Breaking news Domestic and global Environment Ecology

Forestry agency announced 8,800 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 detected from cedar pollen with 2 other data concealed

On 2/1/2016, forestry agency announced they measured 8,800 Bq/Kg from cedar pollen in Fukushima. The sampling date was 11. 2015. Because radioactive cedar pollen spreads from Fukushima to Tokyo area,

Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Tepco admitted they observed black smoke twice from Reactor 3 late March 2011

Following up these articles.. US navy was reported they measured 1.5 mSv/h Thyroid Dose in area south of Tokyo [URL 1] 3/21/2011-The day G.Washington evacuated Yokosuka, possible explosion happened in

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

Ministry of Land not disclosing water quality data of Tokyo bay for 2 months

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has not been disclosing the water quality data of seawater in Tokyo Bay since 2 months ago.   The ministry is to analyze the

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

Tepco “We are going to disclose ALL the contamination data from now on”

On 3/6/2015, Tepco announced their new disclosure policy on contamination data. According to their new policy, Tepco is supposed to publish all the radiation data of water and dust that

Breaking news Oppress Politics

Kyodo News censored Finnish doctor’s criticism of Fukushima report by UNSCEAR / “UNSCEAR should be dissolved”

Kyodo News cut off the significant part of the press conference by Dr. Keith Baverstock held in Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan on 11/20/2014. Dr. Keith Baverstock, a Docent in the Department of

Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Tepco mistakenly published concealed data of activation product in groundwater

170,000 Bq/m3 of Mn-54 was measured from groundwater taken in Reactor 1 seaside. This was represented on Tepco’s analysis data published on 11/26/2014.   Tepco didn’t take a sample from

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Tepco announced bypass project decreased 130 t / d of water / Worker “No supportive data”

Following up this article.. Having discharged 25,000 t of bypass contaminated water, contaminated groundwater didn’t decrease [URL]   It has been 4 months since Tepco started the bypass water project,

Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

15 Billion Bq of Tritium flows to the Pacific every single day / Tepco under-reported 1/15 at press conference

Following up this article.. 5 Billion Bq of Strontium-90 flows to the sea every single day [URL]   15 Billion Bq of Tritium flows from Fukushima plant area to the sea

Environmental contamination Fukushima Plant

67,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from Fukushima plant port fish / Only 17 fish data released, No Sr-90 data included

Photo : Wikipedia   According to Tepco, 67,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 was measured from “Sebastes cheni” taken in Fukushima plant port. It was fished this June. This is 670 times