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[Column] Sent the J family back home safely and reposting the Paypal button again

The Japanese family arrived at home a couple of hours ago. I saw them off at the airport at 5AM yesterday.   Everything went as planned (sometimes got to plan


Finding a hole on the wall

I’m posting this at 22.4 bps of my poor 3G. I was supposed to install the internet line before this noon and post about the 500,000 Bq of tritium detection


[Column] Compass

  There is an old gypsy lady around my apartment. Since I gave her 65 cents before, she waves her hands to me every time she sees me. She has

Column Food contamination

[Column] The worst thing you wouldn’t want to know

Sometimes people ask me what I would do in the Arctic Circle. I always say “Live”. Some of them ask me, what’s that life for ? Maybe they live for