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220 Bq of cesium from daily food in Fukushima

Mainichi newspaper and Tokyo Metropolitan University measured daily food of 11 people living in 11 different locations. The samples were taken from 11/13 ~ 11/15. They mixed 3 meals and


650,000 Bq/Kg from Chiba

Following up this article 0.5 million Bq/kg from Chiba The Ministry of the Environment published the report to tell they measured 650,000 Bq/kg of Cesium from the soil of Kashiwa Chiba.


Cesium measured from 5 of 18 children in Saitama

(click image to see full size) 大きな地図で見る Riken Analysis Center measured Cesium from the urine of 5 out of 18 children in Saitama. 1) 10 years old, female, Cs-134 =