Tepco increased unit price of electricity and made 190 billion yen of ordinary profit for third quarter of FY2013

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Tepco’s ordinary income was 189.2 billion yen in third quarter of FY2013. The operation revenues increased 10.8% from the same period of the previous fiscal year to 4,800 billion yen.


They announce the sales increased due to an increase in the unit price of electricity resulting from the electricity rate revision 2 years ago. Fuel cost adjustment also contributed.


While neither of Fukushima decommissioning nor compensation are progressed, Tepco is reinforcing its financial constitution.





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Français :

Tepco a augmenté le prix de base de l’électricité et a fait 190 milliards de yens de bénéfices au dernier trimestre de l’année fiscale 2013
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Les recettes habituelles de Tepco étaient de 189,2 milliards de yens au dernier trimestre fiscal de 2013. Le revenu des opérations a augmenté de 10,8 % au cours de la même période pour l’année fiscale précédente, jusqu’à 4,800 milliards de yens.

Ils annoncent que leur volume des ventes a augmenté à cause de l’augmentation du prix unitaire de l’électricité suite à la révision des tarifs d’électricité d’il y a 2 ans. L’ajustement du prix des carburants y a aussi contribué.

Alors que ni le démantèlement de Fukushima, ni les indemnisations ne progressent, Tepco renforce sa position financière.


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  1. I’ve always been bad with maths, but how could they be making a profit if all of their money should theoretically be going towards decommsioning Fukushima? Shouldn’t it be logical that they’re close to bankrupcy by now? Even if the the price for electricity was raised, that should have gone towards just barely staying afloat; instead their making a profit as if Fukushima never happened.

    1. Busted

      TEPCO is bankrupt and a ward of the state. The two largest TEPCO stockholders, if memory serves, now are the Japan National Government and the Tokyo City Government.

      TEPCO OWES a lot of money, which they cannot pay, to bondholders, secured debt, unsecured debt, pension liabilities, and others.

      Barack Obama asked Japan to maintain the fictional existence of TEPCO, presumably whoring for Wall Street Wolves, General Electric, Speculators and International Banksters. So long as a fictitious ‘profit’ is put on paper, and no regulator protests, then the above thieves & liars will continue to pretend that TEPCO is solvent.

      TEPCO has an electricity monopoly for one of the largest cities on earth. The price for electricity is what Japan-TEPCO-Tokyo says it is. Take it or leave it.


      Bill Duff

      1. Many people in Tokyo can install Solar PV Roofs, a Japanese home with 5 KW on the roof and a decent
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        1. Batteries NOT Included

          So, let’s take a quick glance at the available, consumer-grade hardware.

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          1. With this system,

            You can turn the houselights on, during the day, when you are at work, and not at home.

            Batteries and charging regulator, not included.


            Bill Duff

            1. I called the ‘help desk’ to ask 1 simple question:

              What is the DC (battery) voltage? It could be anything from 12, 24, 48, 120 or 240 Volt DC. This would correspond, in layman language to 1, 2, 4, 10 or 20 Car Batteries. Well, DUH … I can’t get an answer, but they have a lot of questions about me. Why do I want to know? I am an electrical engineer, and would like to know what size WIRE to use!

              They are thus, NOT ready for ‘Prime Time’.


              Bill Duff

            2. have you ever heard of Net-Metering?

              You may be an electrical engineer, so thus, you
              probably are unaware of this.

              1. Yep!

                Reckon, I know my way around rates, peaking charges and political sweetheart deals for marginally useful (Virtually USELESS) intermittent technologies, such as Photo Voltaic and Wind Generation.

                However, your Lead In statement was, not about ‘Net Metering’, but about ‘grid zero’. That is the old ‘bait & switch’. Most jurisdictions criminalize ‘bait & switch’, under the rule of law, when such a social structure actually exists. There is no rule of law, in the former united states of America; so just about ‘anything goes’, under the thumb of the anti-environmental, anti-jobs, murderous, Kenya Native.

                ‘Grid Zero’, pretty much requires, site energy conversion, and ‘distributed generation’, with a practical fuel, such as: natural gas, LPG, or oil. … or privation, discomfort, inconvenience and poverty …


                Bill Duff

      2. By comparison:

        From the Same webpage:

        Standby Generator w/ Automatic Transfer Switch – 8KW
        From $2,204.00

        Probably available with diesel, natural gas or propane.


        Bill Duff

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