Tepco “There is no way to shield Bremsstrahlung from contaminated water tanks”

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There is no way to shield Bremsstrahlung from contaminated water tanks, Tepco stated in the press conference of 1/10/2014.

The contaminated water tanks contain high level of β nuclides. As shielded by water and the tank material, it turns into Bremsstrahlung.


Tepco’s spokesman commented it is technically impossible to shield each tank. Even if they put the shielding material inside of the tanks, it also causes Bremsstrahlung.


Having the contaminated water endlessly increasing, contaminated water tanks are also increasing. The workers involved in tank construction, leakage patrol, and maintenance are significantly exposed even without touching the contaminated water directly.

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Tepco : “Il n’y a aucun moyen de se protéger du rayonnement continu de freinage des citernes à eaux extrêmement radioactives”
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Au cours de la conférence de presse du 10 janvier 2014, Tepco a affirmé qu’il n’existe aucun moyen de se protéger du rayonnement continu de freinage (cf. Bremsstrahlung) émis par les citernes d’eau extrêmement radioactive.
Les citernes à eau extrêmement radioactive sont très concentrées en β nucléides. Comme ils sont entourés par l’eau et l’acier des parois, ils émettent du rayonnement continu de freinage.

le porte-parole de Tepco a déclaré qu’il était techniquement impossible d’en isoler chaque citerne. Même s’ils mettent le matériel d’isolation à l’intérieur de la citerne, ça provoque aussi du rayonnement continu de freinage.

Comme les eaux extrêmement radioactives augmentent sans cesse, les citernes qui les contiennent augmentent aussi. Les travailleurs impliqués dans leur construction, les équipes d’inspection des fuites et de maintenance sont gravement irradiées même sans être en contact direct avec ces eaux.

Article lié : Dans la centrale, la dose passe à 8,04 mSv/an à cause des citernes / Tepco coincé entre “augmenter le niveau” et “balancer à la mer”


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  1. Wow this is mind boggling. It truly has become like Dr suess’s “cat in the hat”. A nightmare that is self sustaining ,on going,and a huge never ending mess.

  2. Shielding the X-Rays,

    The Actual X-Rays from the tanks can be shielded. Lead is an excellent shield for X-Rays, though other metals, such as Aluminum can be used.


    Bill Duff

    1. The nuclear chemistry is going on INSIDE the tanks and in the water.

      Only photons (light-waves) are coming THROUGH the tank metal, to the outside. From high frequency to low frequency, electromagnetic traveling waves (light-waves, photons) consist of Cosmic Rays, Gamma, XRay, Ultraviolet, Visible Light and infrared light (heatwave). All of these are streaming toward earth from the Sun and Stars. Very little gets to the surface of the earth.

      Concrete barriers will also block the actual XRays emanating from the TEPCO, low-budget, leaky, crappy, corroded, single-wall-tanks.

      TEPCO, by their gawdamn cheapskate cost-control, criminal arrogance, nescience, ignorance, stupidity and constant lying; have created a ‘Hell on Earth, at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station. Thanks to TEPCO, Japan, the Japanese, the Pacific Ocean, Islandia and the American coast are now embarked on a ‘journey into Hell’.


      Bill Duff

      1. Let me hasten to add; that TEPCO did NOT act alone.

        Wall Street, International Banks, Hedge Funds and the aggregate global financial community CREATED this ‘penny-wise & Pound foolish’ corporate insanity known as TEPCO, and their equally brain-dead CLONES who operate about 500 nuclear reactors globally.

        The IAEA, WHO, CTBTO and nuclear contractors fostered the ‘Nuclear Safety Myth’ that DEFINED TEPCO and the captive regulators in Japan, Europe and the former USA.

        Together they created ‘The Perfect Radiation Storm’ that IS Fukushima.


        Bill Duff

  3. It should be remarked, that in multiple, previous communications.

    I have repeatedly specified Thick, Double Walled Tanks, for an undersea tank farm.

    But TEPCO is simply too gawdamn stupid and cheap, to do ANYTHING right the 1st time.


    Bill Duff

  4. Really Great News!

    Fukushima Daiichi and the other ‘Bad to the Bone’ General Electric Mark 1 Nuclear Power Plants scattered across Japan, former USA, Europe, Asia and beyond, are NOT on the NRC hazardous reactor list.

    That would be this circa 1995, bogus, bullshit, propaganda, self-serving, self-righteous, double-standard … ‘hazardous reactor list’.

    http www nytimes.com/ (1995/07/23/world/us-lists-10-soviet-built-nuclear-reactors-as-high-risks.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm)

    U.S. Lists 10 Soviet-Built Nuclear Reactors as High Risks

    By WILLIAM J. BROAD, Published: July 23, 1995

    Underscoring previous warnings from Western experts about the dangers of Soviet-built nuclear power plants, a Federal intelligence report says 10 reactors in Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, Bulgaria and Ukraine face an abnormally high risk of failure. The danger is attributed to design flaws, tattered economies, political disorder and weak regulatory oversight.

    The 10 reactors, at five power plants, are the most dangerous among a group that poses “significant safety risks,” the report says. It was prepared by the Energy Department, distributed to Federal intelligence agencies and made available to a reporter by a private group trying to win financial aid for the troubled plants.

    “As a class,” the report says, “these reactors continue …

    “Russian scientists and managers defend their reactors, saying Western criticism is rooted in ignorance and neglects a series of improvements. United States Energy Department officials have also pointed to “significant progress” made at the power plants.”

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