[Column] I’ll talk on Ustream for English readers from this weekend

Since yesterday, I’ve been broadcasting on Ustream to communicate with Japanese readers.

It’s on live. The readers send me questions and reactions, and I talk on Ustream.

Mostly we talk about the recent plant situation, experience of living outside of Japan and the management of Fukushima Diary etc..


I’m planning to do the same thing for English readers too.

I’ll broadcast on Ustream in the convenient time for Europe, East coast, west coast, and also Australia from time to time.

For English readers, I would like to talk about the most recent plant situation etc..


Probably I will start it casually from this weekend. If you happen to have a chance to see it, please feel free to give me comments etc.. I will answer it from Ustream live.



If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before having a contact with me.


Français :

[Édito] Je vais parler sur Ustream pour les lecteurs anglophones à partir de ce week-end
Note : Merci de lire le Fukushima Diary. Le Fukushima Diary repose avant tout sur vos dons.
Les virements mensuels sont très appréciés.


Pour communiquer avec les lecteurs japonais, je diffuse sur Ustream depuis hier.
C’est en direct. Les lecteurs m’envoient leurs questions et réactions et je réponds sur Ustream.
En gros, on parle de la situation récente dans la centrale, de l’expérience de vivre en dehors du Japon, de la gestion du Fukushima Diary, etc…

Je prévois de faire la même chose pour les anglophones aussi.
Je diffuserai sur Ustream à une heure pratique pour l’Europe, la côté Est la côte ouest et aussi l’Australie de temps à autre.
Pour les lecteurs e anglais, je voudrais parler de l’évolution de la situation dans la centrale, etc…

Je commencerai sans doute erratiquement à partir de ce week-end. Si vous pensez avoir une chance de le voir, merci de me passer vos commentaires, etc. J’y répondrai en direct depuis Ustream.

Note : Si vous êtes de la grande presse internationale, ne lisez pas ce site sans avoir préalablement pris contact avec moi.

  1. Censorship:

    Ukraine officials have allegedly received threats against Nuclear Power plants. This has apparently been reported on the BBC and Russian news outlets.

    I can read the headlines and links, but the former united states of America has disabled access to the articles. ‘This page is temporarily unavailable’.

    Whether Ukraine protesters actually MADE such threats; or pro-government forces have fabricated the threats, or incited them via agents provocateurs, … it is an ominous circumstance. I lean toward the latter two explanations, but some incapable dissident could have said ANYTHING after enough Vodka.

    Nuclear Power Plant security is mostly fictional in the Western World. Not sure about Ukraine in particular. Their Chernobyl experience would indicate that they are somewhat aware of the consequences of such an act of sabotage.


    Bill Duff

    1. Pussies in Washington DC

      Censorship of credible (and zany) nuclear threats is presently commonplace in the former united states of America.

      The American citizenry routinely heard such threats from the former USSR, Chicoms, Cuba and others. Fact of life.

      The pussies in Washington D.C. simply pee their panties over such threats. Just more of their effeminate nature swishing about. The FACT is, an actual nuclear attack would be LAUNCHED without warning.


      Bill Duff

      1. Effective military tactics,

        Just like Hiroshima. Just like Nagasaki. Just like Pearl Harbor.

        There would be NO warning. And if there were an early detect, the present regime of the former united states of America would NOT relay a warning to the citizenry.

        The Kenya Native is simply too much of a pussy to take steps to minimize the damage. What a gawdamn loser. No wonder the Russian President commands a higher level of genuine RESPECT than the Kenya Native. At least he is a man, rather than a weasel.

        The bar is so low.


        Bill Duff

    2. Best to go it alone,

      Ukraine is probably best advised to ‘go it alone’ or with more local alliances. Eastern Europe has felt the hobnail boots of the Germans (Hitler) and the USSR (Stalin et al).

      The former united states of America loaned Ukraine (by request) an ethnic Ukrainian colonel during the breakup of the USSR. I think that action was advantageous to Ukraine.

      Since then, the former USA has been ‘up to no damn good’, in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, or at home. The Western ‘game’ has been Goldman Sachs speculative bubbles, derivatives on margin, crushing debt, and little else. And ‘the chickens have come home to roost’.

      I could not in good faith recommend that the Ukraine citizenry TRUST the USA, EU and/or the Russian Republic. Perhaps a deliberate TOTAL default should be a consideration. Wall Street and the central banks are manipulative and poor leaders. Why pay them for DELIBERATELY wrecking all the economies of the world? A GLOBAL refusal to pay, MIGHT bring down their ‘house of cards’; and that would be a GOOD THING.

      Private ownership of property and the means of production is meaningless, when entirely held by hostile sociopathic oligarchs, such as Goldman Sachs and the Western Banks. The DEBT economy is not working in the Americas or Europe and will not work in Ukraine.


      Bill Duff

  2. Of Late,

    The recent international record of the former unites states of America, leaves something to be desired.

    South Ossetia, Serbia, the Kurds, Nipponese, Israel and many other BETRAYED former allies, are OWED some serious apologies. I would personally include Syria and Russia, as deserving apologies; following some of the ‘high handed stunts on the watch of George W. Bush and the Kenya Native.

    Any nation following the lead of Barack Obama, is on a ‘fool’s errand. The former united states of America is about a whisker away from doing what Ukraine is.


    Bill Duff

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