Tepco “Radioactive material may be coming up from the sea bottom of the plant port”

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Following up this article.. Cesium-137 level increasing in plant port since this June [URL]


In the press conference of 12/27/2013, Tepco’s spokesman stated there is a possibility that radioactive material may be coming up from the sea bottom.


Regardless of the underground wall to stop contaminated groundwater flowing into the sea, Cesium-137 density has been increasing in the port since this June.

If radioactive material is actually coming up from the sea bottom, the underground wall would be useless.


In mid December, Tepco measured the significant level of Cs-134/137 at 25m underground. Penetrating contaminated water may be coming up from the sea ground in various location even outside of the port.

(cf, Radiation from 25m underground → Cesium-134/137 density increased 2.9 times within 8 days/ Tepco not to analyze Sr-90 [URL])





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Tepco : “La radioactivité peut arriver par le fond du port de la centrale”
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Article lié : La radioactivité en césium 137 de l’eau de mer du port de la centrale augmente depuis juin dernier.

Au cours de la conférence de presse du 27 décembre 2013, le porte-parole de Tepco a affirmé qu’au port de la centrale il est possible que radioactivité arrive par le fond de la mer.

La radioactivité en césium 137 y augmente depuis juin en dépit du mur souterrain devant bloquer l’écoulement des eaux souterraines vers la mer.
Si la radioactivité arrive effectivement par le fond de la mer, le mur souterrain ne sert à rien.

Mi-décembre, Tepco avait relevé un niveau grave en Cs-134/137 à 25 m en sous-sol. Les eaux extrêmement radioactives qui s’infiltrent peuvent ressortir en plusieurs endroits du fond de la mer, y compris à l’extérieur du port. (cf. Radioactivité à 25 m en sous-sol : le césium 134/137 multiplié par 2,9 en 8 jours/ Tepco n’analyse pas le Sr 90)


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  1. there has been numerous alerts of leaks.
    Recently the number of alerts seem to be decreasing.
    So if the amount of radioactive materials increases it might be that more material is exposed.

  2. And that is why no press or news releases for the New Year Holiday period 12-27-2103 to 01 06-2014. On 01-07-2104 look for bad news from TEPCO. Bet they report open holes into the ocean from Reactor 3 and maybe the others. That is why all the steam coming up from Reactor 3. And the photos of boiling bubbling water in the port that was reported earlier..and then not mentioned at all.

    AND if this is true, the wall built by TEPCO on the ocean side is useless..better they try on the mountain side to stop water coming in. And what about the groundwater..how far is that radiation contamination going? Anyone checking closer to population centers?

  3. Contamination of the Fukushima Daiichi water table is more extensive than previously indicated by TEPCO, Japan, former USA, IAEA and the rest of Team Nuke.

    An illusion was spun, from whole cloth, of an impermeable layer. The recently published, long-known, hydrology maps of the Fukushima Daiichi Power Station clearly shows discontinuities. Thus the contamination is ‘all the way down’, with or without a corium ‘China Syndrome’ event .

    The groundwater contamination is increasing and flowing seaward. It is seeping into the harbor and rising from the bottom as well.

    One difficulty with the ‘Team Nuke’ pathological lying, is that it has caused an inadequate response. Blithering Idiots such as Barack Obama, TEPCO, Japan, IAEA and the rest of ‘Team Nuke, have prolonged the death of TEPCO, and SEVERELY damaged the Pacific Ocean, Honshu Island and the Nipponese citizenry.

    It is time to redirect the civilian nuclear power industry toward site remediation. And to place these miscreants under 24/7 watch. IMHO


    Bill Duff

  4. Its like an episode of Thunderbirds…..
    When are the puppets going to get a grip….

    A little bioremediation with a brew of bacteria, to go into the cauldron.
    with a side serving of kelp…

    “Microbial reduction of soluble U(VI) to insoluble U(IV) represents a promising strategy for immobilizing uranium from contaminated groundwaters. This strategy may also be coupled with a soil washing technique for concentrating uranium from contaminated soils. We discovered that the U(VI)-reducing capacity of the Geobacter species that are naturally present in subsurface environments can be simply and effectively stimulated with the addition of an acetate solution to the groundwater. This precipitates uranium from the groundwater preventing its further mobility and concentrations uranium dispersed in a large volume of groundwater into a discrete zone for subsequent removal”.

  5. Who else is sick of the tepco/govt utter mismanagement of Fukushima? Its high time the UN went in and pushed everything with a heartbeat back 200 Kms and set up a perimeter. Then a beachhead could be established to bring in equipment and talented personnel to try to bring this thing back from the brink…..god only knows how…… Maybe the Russians would lend a hand. The present management has had three long years of gambling with our lives….and seems to have lost every bet. They shouldn’t be allowed inside the gate IMHO .

  6. United Nations organizations such as CTBTO, IAEA and the WHO, have been and remain, SIGNIFICANT contributors to the PROBLEMS at Fukushima.

    So also, Barack Obama (the watermelon) and the Japan Government.

    They are parts of the disease, rather than hopes for the cure.


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