Tepco “Brown material from fuel is the dirt of reactor4 pool”

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Following up this article.. [Photo] Brown material released from fuel assembly taken out of the container [URL]


Tepco stated the brown material coming out of the bottom of fuel assembly is the dirt of reactor4 pool.

The specific contents weren’t mentioned.

In the press conference of 11/22/2013, Tepco’s spokesman commented the transferred fuel assembly can also have debris from reactor4 pool.





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Tepco : “La matière brune qui est sortie du combustible est de la boue de la piscine du réacteur 4”
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Article lié : [Photo] Une matière brune sort d’un assemblage de combustibles à sa sortie du conteneur

Tepco affirme que la substance brune qui est sortie par le bas de l’assemblage de combustible est de la boue de la piscine du réacteur 4.
Sa composition n’a pas été précisée.
Au cours de la conférence de presse du 22 novembre 2013, le porte-parole de Tepco a déclaré que les assemblages de combustible transférés peuvent aussi contenir des gravas de la piscine du réacteur 4.

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  1. Dirt from the fuel pool?

    There’s only one thing pouring out the bottom of tose that assebmblys:

    It looks like the crispy, smoking debris of corroded morals from TEPCO executives in some kind of toxic slurry of the Japanese government’s decayed morals and putrefied indifference to their citizens, tainted with the blood of a hundred gnerations of honorable Japanese spirits who lived there and were assured TEPCO was safe.

    Residual Blue-black Caesium Iodide glass stuck to irradiated death-black butyl filler comes next, mixed with the bones and markers of your beloved and venarable Japanese ancestors. You will die with them soon. As we all wail.

  2. Seagull Plop

    Explosions blew the roof off FDU-1, FDU-2, FDU-3 and FDU-4. So the ‘Great Outdoors’ was dumped into these Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Spent Fuel Pools. Spent Fuel Pool Four (SFP-4) was filled with, flying insects, pollen, rain, hail, sand, dust, plastic wrappers, seagull poop, bat guano, salt-air, dead birdsd, acid-rain, smog …

    FDU-1 SPF-1 exploded 1st, due to earthquake caused PIPE FAILURES. FDU-1 was entirely open-air for the other reactor blasts. Therefore, SPF-1 received a significant portion of the debris, nuclear fuel fragments and fission products from the FDU-3 supersonic, (Hot-Hot-Hot) atomic blast.

    Perhaps the Spent Fuel Pool 4 was spared most of that nuclear fallout from the FDU-3 Atomic Explosion, due to the blast timing. Since FDU-2 was the last explosion, it may also have minimal direct fallout from the FDU-3 blast. Some FDU-3 spent fuel may have blasted in like a cannon or crashed through the roofs following the FDU-3 explosion.

    What, IF ANYTHING was left in the SFP-3 following the Atomic Explosion in the FDU-3 nuclear reactor, is ANYBODY’S GUESS? Perhaps there was some significant stray fission, with the resulting fission products, from SPF-3 involved in the 311 Burnt Orange Skies.

    The weather from Fukushima was a VAST RADIONUCLIDE STORM. Something turned American skies, perhaps the entire Northern Hemisphere, orange with radioactive iodine and other radionuclides. Every sighted person in the USA experienced the threatening ‘portentum’ as the Romans called it. Certainly, this was a ‘rara avis’; and hopefully a unique event.


    Bill Duff

    1. “Something turned American skies, perhaps the entire Northern Hemisphere, orange with radioactive iodine and other radionuclides.”

      You have pictures, of course?

      I was in north america at the time. I didn’t see anything. Nothing was on the news. You’re sure that what you saw wasn’t just a sunset or something.

      1. V. I. DieMost demonstrates why he is known as ‘The Village Idiot’.

        Let us review the information. Mid-March 2011, Four (4) nuclear reactor buildings violently exploded at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, pursuant to the 311 earthquake and tsunami. Three nuclear reactors suffered 100% meltdowns. The FDU-3 supersonic DETONATION was the most energetic civilian nuclear reactor explosion in history. FDU-3 was presumably a nuclear blast, based on fallout, debris and INDUCED radiation in nearby structural steel. Multiple FIRES were reported in Multiple Spent Fuel Pools.

        The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station radioisotope emissions were likely on the order of exaBequerals, and perhaps considerably north of that value, based on Xenon measurements. A Vast Radionuclide Storm, (of radioiodine, radiocesium and other radioisotopes), was predicted and arrived on the Jet Stream, right on schedule. The nuclear fallout levels were reportedly significantly above Public Health concerning thresholds in the atmosphere and in several rain-drenched, previously I-131 free water supplies. Various symptoms, signs and findings were reported including; metailic-taste, eye-irritation, nostril-burning, death-spikes, mutations, immune-compromise, cardiovascular death, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer … And the ‘Specious Skies’ turned from blue to BURNT ORANGE.

        We can persue alternate explanations, for the Burnt Orange Skies over America. Perhaps Diety was cheering the University of Texas Baseball Team. The Longhorns did win the Big 12 Championship that year, though Florida dropped the Longhorn 2011 CWS effort, and South Carolina took the title.


        Bill Duff

  3. I intended to spell SPACIOUS as in the song ‘America the Beautiful’. However, perhaps, given the present regime, specious skies if better.

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