[Ajisai] 145 lawyers offered the Metropolitan Police Department to lift the barricade



Following up this article..[Ajisai] Protestors broke through police barricade

Ajisai protest on every Friday has been interrupted by the blockade of hundreds of police and riot.
145 lawyers following Mr. Utsunomiya, the ex-chairman of Japan Federation of Bar Associations offered the Metropolitan Police Department to remove the barricade of the roadway in front of official residence.

They handed the protest note to the Metropolitan Police Department under the joint signatures of 145 lawyers. They state, it restricts the freedom of expression and it makes it more dangerous.

On 7/29/2012, a protestor witnessed police remove the barricade by themselves however.


[Ajisai] 145 lawyers offered the Metropolitan Police Department to lift the barricade


This is today’s (7/29/2012) protest to surround National Diet. Around 19:30, this is the moment when the barricade was collapsed in front of the entrance street, but this is because police took away the barricade by themselves because of too much people.


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