Column of the Day: July 26

Contamination has spread all over in Fukushima,and now all the rest of the Japan is being contaminated by food and people’s greediness.

More than 4,000 cesium beef were distributed to all over in Japan.and today it turned out that more than 10,000 cesium pork were distributed to all over in Japan.

They are re-labelled as “From western Japan” and are sold. It is irrational to think only beef and pork were polluted.Probably everything has been polluted already.

Water,vegetables,chicken,fruit,rice,etc… I’m most worried about sea food.

Pollution will spread out of Japan by food chain,jet stream,and tide.

Most of the Fukushima workers are in 20s or 30s.Their salary is about 10,000~7,000JPY/day.They comment,they are ready to die.
Though we can’t stop the pollution,it would be even worse without those young workers.

Today,Tepco’s ex president Shimizu received retirement bonus,which is 500,000,000JPY.

No wonder,his house is safe from blackout.

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