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[Column] The media still have a chance for the atonement

I think it’s to know the potential Fukushima effect on their own lives why people come to read Fukushima Diary mostly. This is why I focus on facts and data about food, fallout and the plant situation. This is what massmedia is supposed to do, and this is why they are not free. It’s negligent [...]

[Column] Fukushima Diary will take the initiative of international media coverage about Fukushima

Now that media coverage about Fukushima is rapidly shrinking, Fukushima Diary’s reporting is becoming more and more important. Fukushima Diary has been trying to be the fastest Fukushima news site in the world, and in 2013, it will have 3 changes. 1. More original articles Fukushima Diary has been reporting existing articles. In 2013, Fukushima [...]

MHLW excluded Fukushima disaster area from abortion statistics

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare excluded the abortion data of Minamisoma city, Soma city, Soma county and Futaba county from the official statistics of abortion for 2010.4 ~ 2011.3. They comment it’s due to 311, but other disaster areas such as Miyagi and Iwate are not excluded. Source 1 2 3 Related article..The number [...]

[Mysterious Statistics] Japanese deaths of miscellaneous accident increased 17% in Jan and Feb of 2011

Deaths of miscellaneous accident include the deaths of 311. However, the total miscellaneous accidental deaths of January and February of 2011 was 117% of 2010 according to the demographic statistics of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare though it was before 311. The increased number is more than 3 times much as from 2009 to 2010. [...]

Fukushima prefectural birth rate rapidly dropping in 2012

According to Fukushima prefecture, the birth rate is rapidly dropping. 2008.10~2009.9 : 8.06 ‰ 2009.10~2010.9 : 7.92 ‰ (↓0.14‰) 2010.10~2011.9 : 7.75 ‰ (↓0.17‰) 2011.10~2012.9 : 6.99 ‰ (↓0.76‰) Birth rate = (Birth from October to next September ) / (Population of March) × 1,000 The latest population statistics published by the local government is still September.2012, so [...]

Fukushima population over 15 y.o shrinks fastest all around in Japan

According to the Labor Force Survey [Link] of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, Fukushima population of over 15 years old decreased by 30,000 from the first quarter of 2011 to the one of 2012. This is the largest decreasing range among 3 prefectures in the disaster area. The graph below shows [...]

[Jan~May.2012] Decrease of population is 4 times bigger than 2007

[Fukushima Diary is under maintenance.] Decrease of Japanese population (Birth – Death) from January to May in 2012 is 4 times bigger than the same term of 2007. When it’s compared to 2006, it’s 5 times bigger. Below is the comparison of the monthly decrease of Japanese population. January ~ May, 2012 vs average of [...]

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