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Tepco released the latest survey map of Fukushima plant, 200μSv/h from the west of reactor4

On 1/16/2013, Tepco released the survey map of entire Fukushima plant. They surveyed the area from 1/7 ~ 1/8/2013. The map shows the ambient dose is relatively high in the


Breaking news : Possible leakage of skimmer surge tank of reactor 3

Because the SFP of reactor 4 is in crisis, we have paid all of our attention to reactor 4, but the FPC skimmer surge tank level of reactor 3 is


Iwakishi is distributing Iodine preparation

Iwaki shi Fukushima has started distributing Iodine preparations to the citizens though they did NOT On 3/11. These are the tweets of Iwaki citizen: @yukitada0716 ゆきただ いわき市保健所から書留が来たので何かと思ったら安定ヨウ素剤だった。(Source) <Translation> received a