28 of 32 testees diagnosed A2 in thyroid inspection of Matsudo city Chiba

28 of 32 testees were diagnosed as “A2” in the thyroid inspection of Matsudo city, Chiba. The test was implemented from 6/1/2014 to 8/31/2014 and the result was announced on 9/26/2014.

A2 is given when the testee has thyroid nodule (≦5.0mm) or cyst (≦ 20.0mm). Matsudo city government however announces they won’t provide those testees with any medical follow-up for some reason.

The testees were supposed to be born 4/2/1992 ~ 4/1/2011. However, the children who already had the subjective symptoms were not given the right to have the test. The municipal government hasn’t made any announcement about why these children were eliminated from the testees.







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28 des 32 examinés diagnostiqués A2 au cours d’un contrôle des thyroïdes dans la commune de Matsudo de Chiba


28 de 32 examinés ont été diagnostiqués comme “A2” dans un contrôle de la thyroïde de la ville de Matsudo, dans Chiba. Les examens ont été effectués entre le 1er juin et le 31 août 2014 et les résultats publiés le 26 septembre 2014.

A2 est donné lorsque le patient a des nodules (≦5.0mm) ou des kystes (≦ 20.0mm) thyroïdiens. la municipalité de Matsudo annonce cependant qu’ils n’effectueront aucun suivi médical des patients.
Les patients sont supposés nés entre le 2 avril 1992 et le 1er avril 2011. Cependant, les enfants qui présentaient déjà des symptômes “subjectifs” n’ont pas eu le droit de se faire examiner. La municipalité n’a fait aucun communiqué sur la raison pour laquelle ces enfants ont été écartés du contrôle.


  1. Children with ‘subjective’ symptoms not ALLOWED testing? And all the A2s confirmed, not being followed up? These are minor children, what is the Japanese government thinking of? To deny these children the opportunity to have treament is criminal. One hopes the parents are able to find help for their little ones..2011 means a very small child!!!! And nodulal, cysts are supposed to be checked for cancer if in a child. In the former normal world, children did not have cysts or cancer in thyroids,it was rare. Now the children are being left to whatever TEPCO or the Japanese government values their lives at–right now..its nothing. Bet government officials children are tested, treated and protected! What about the families of the Emperor?

  2. “Estimates of the prevalence of thyroid nodules in [non Japanese] children depend on the method of detection, ranging from 1 to 1.5% for detection by palpation to 3% for detection on ultrasound scans…

    Thyroid nodules are less common in children than in adults, but the risk of malignancy is much higher in children (an estimated 10 to 25% of TNs are malignant in children, versus only 5% in adults)…

    Children exposed to irradiation early in their lives are more likely to develop thyroid cancer than those exposed at a later stage.”

    https //www.eurospe.org/clinical/CPC%20Docs/ManagementOfThyroidNodulesInChildren.pdf

    “According to the literature thyroid nodules are quite rare in the first two decades of life. However, there are some exceptions, relating to areas with an iodine deficiency or affected by radioactive fallout, where the risk of nodules and carcinomas is increased.”

    http //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16728572

  3. **The testees were supposed to be born 4/2/1992 ~ 4/1/2011. However, the children who already had the subjective symptoms were not given the right to have the test. **

    That is because we must pre-eliminate all potential for confirming injury from the nuclear fallout, as per usual officiated science whitewashing.

  4. So basically the government WAITED for three years to test, telling those children getting sick in the first years they are just to be ignored. You can not ignore cancer…..its a death sentance. And the teens are now ‘adults’ in those three years..ignored as well. Those teens will have cancer by their late 20s and 30s–I know because my daughter, exposed to Chernobyl fallout in her teens–had stage 111 thyroid cancer by her thirtys. She is in treatment now, and will need scans and radation for the rest of her life. Cancer was in her lungs when doctors realized the LUMP in her neck was a problem. Again, terrible to do to our young people.

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