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Contaminated water crisis

Tepco sent emergency email to report water leakage, “71,000,000,000 Bq/m3 of β nuclides”

Tepco sent the emergency email to press to report they found contaminated water leaking from their the desalination system (Reverse osmosis membrane). Tepco has constantly contaminated water leakage problem. They

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Installation of new thermometer to reactor2 still takes time

Currently, only 1 measuring point remains available to measure temperature in RPV of reactor2. [Link] On 9/14/2012, Tepco released the work implementation plan to install new thermometer to RPV of


Insurance company “no coverage for damage caused by nuclear fuel material”

Insurance company or life insurance company writes on instruction that they won’t cover damage from nuclear fuel material recently. A Japanese posted tweeted like this below,   最近、保険にこーゆー文言が入るようになった。『核燃料物質によって生じた損害』には保険金をお支払いできませんとな。… —


7.2 Bq/Kg of cesium from pickled plum in Tokyo

Pickled plum (Ume boshi) is one of the most common Japanese traditional food. It’s known to be a great preserved food as well,and people often use it for lunch box.


JP Gov to restart the construction of 2 nuclear plants

  Japanese government is not going to shut down nuclear plants. They approved the construction of 2 more nuclear plants in Aomori and Shimane. On 9/15/2012, Edano, Minister of Economy,