Hokkaido newspaper “Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area”

On 8/4/2012, Hokkaido Newspaper mentioned the contamination situation around in Tokyo area by quoting the comment of assistant Prof. Koide from Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute.

“According to government’s research, Tokyo area turned out to be as contaminated as radiation controlled area like in Fukushima. Millions of people are living in radiation controlled area, where I work with a small nuclear reactor.”

It was at the lecture in Doshisha university held on 7/29/2012.


Hokkaido newspaper "Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area"


Hokkaido newspaper "Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area" 2




<Settlement report 8/10/2012>

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Hokkaido newspaper "Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area" 5


Hokkaido newspaper "Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area" 6



  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Le journal d’Hokkaido : “Des millions de gens autour de Tokyo vivent dans une zone radioactive contrôlée”
    Par Mochizuki, le 11 août 2012.

    le 4 août 2012, le journal d’Hokkaido a mentionné la situation de contamination de la région de Tokyo en citant de l’assistant du Pr. Koide de l’institut de recherche sur les réacteurs de l’université de Kyoto.

    “Selon les recherches gouvernementales, la région de Tokyo est devenue aussi contaminée qu’une zone radioactive contrôlée comme à Fukushima. Des millions de gens vivent dans une zone radioactive contrôlée, où je travaille sur un petit réacteur nucléaire.”

    C’était au cours d’une conférence à l’université de Doshisha qui s’est tenue le 29 juillet 2012.

    (2 scans du journal)

    Source : http://www.aikido.co.jp/_src/sc1393/SCN_0038.pdf

    —– Bilan financier du 10 août 2012 —–

    Voici un petit rapport sur les dons que j’ai reçus aujourd’hui.

    Les dépenses du jour sont lourdes. C’est à cause du logement dans NY. C’est teeelement moins cher un hôtel ordinaire, sans doute moins de la moitié, mais c’est toujours désastreux pour moi. Sans doute pour tout le monde.lol

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  2. Finally some media gets off the farcical restrictions of there at Japan, proving that it actually is a first-world country.

  3. With the ultranationalistic propaganda NHK around, that will never change. Hokkaido people are known to be very straightforward.

  4. Remember that yellow rain in Tokyo the first week? And now every time the wind shifts to coming out of the northeast, Tokyo gets more steam and fumes. But crafty, crappy, crazy Tepco keeps the plant wide open for a very important reason, to prolong the people’s exposure to carcinogens and teratogens that they couldn’t come by normally without a six sigma installation in full tilt. GE helped of course setting the things up to blow and by golly they melted. Now it is up to Tepco to screw Japan on their own. Tepco insists the site must not be safely buried deep down where it would no longer release radioactive fumes. According to their experts, Daiichi must be kept wide open for decades, maybe until the next glaciation. Entombment would be too intelligent for a samurai corporation with some very important people at the top. If they just buried Daiichi, Tepco’s important drama would be over and the people would have nothing to worry about. That could lead to a lack of strategic tension. The sheep have come so far in total cluelessness and belief in the state and must not be troubled with Tepco’s destroying their health wealth and happiness. If Tepco admitted nukes are really really dangerous and should all be buried deep down, it would completely shag the banksters putting em up to it all. There would be arrests for criminal negligence.

  5. I agree with your analysis/comments Bill, but I live in Tokyo and saw no yellow rain (maybe I was sleeping through it). There are lots of wild statements about Tokyo’s level of radiation and indeed there are many hotspots, no doubt about that. But when it comes to hard data it is absurd to say Tokyo area is as contaminated as Fukushima. This is nonsense even by the government data, let alone common sense or what people measure with geiger counters. I’m going to write another paper about the Tokyo contamination issue soon as possible. In the meantime you might enjoy this!


    see also


    Yeah, we is in a heap of trouble.

    1. CM,

      How much of the ~$50B Japan Government Subsidy to TEPCO is used to pay for:

      1) Dumping Radioactive Debris in waterways

      2) Internet Trolls

      3) Political payoffs

      4) Media Payoffs

      5) Technical Journal Payoffs

      I have previously seen these kinds of vast GLOBAL dust clouds associated with Volcanoes. The Fukushima Daiichi Radionuclide Storm appears to be of that magnitude. A regional factor such as the burning of Yellowstone National Park was a less dense SMOG than the FDU cloud.

  6. We thought the Japs were intelligent. They can’t handle this and they aren’t smart enough to just leave. I mean 500 years ago people would leave and sail on ships and didn’t know where they were going. I can’t believe this should be easy. The government will never tell you to leave.

    These people will die like flies in a couple years. There is no way they don’t know the dangers. Japan can be evacuated and must be. I don’t know did this even occur? Because the Jew media mentions nothing about this on tv. I mean not a word. So I’m going to quit talking about this, because it just didn’t happen.

  7. Hi Concrete Man. The yellow rain debate is still open.


    The Taxodiaceae like the Japanese cedars release pollen copiously and they do cloud up the air with a yellow smog at this time of year near forests of them. I don’t know if there are such forests near Tokyo but maybe they were replanted during the Shogunate. Or maybe the rain had iodine in it? There was a you tube up of a guy in Tokyo with rash from being out in that yellow rain episode. I am surprised you have not seen it. The pollen explanation was asserted also at Chernobyl. You tubes have been posted of people in Michigan who went out in a high radiation rainout from Fuku and developed rashes. Alot of the DU exposed vets have rash problems, for example Doug Rokke and Carol Picou.

    I do see the ambient radiation in Tokyo is usually low but around ground level or at drains it is elevated. I would be curious to see the current ambient radiation levels from Tokyo during northeast winds. Do you know what they are? Japanese who are independently monitoring, please keep posting your results so we can check out the situation in Japan. It is horrible up near the site. Tokyo?

  8. Most of Japan has not been contamilnated. Should they leave? Professor Koide needs to have his equipment checked. Some of the comments on this list appear to be Sayanim, or just typically stupid when it comes to forums where people make all sorts of half assed nonsensical comments.

    1. Concrete man, carp all you want about us out here staying clear of where you hang out, while you burn your Tepco power, but for someone so judgmental about the sayanim here you don’t even follow Fuku well enough to know about the yellow rain or what citizens put up on you tube. Since you are pretty ignorant of the radiation readings found in and around Tokyo, I wish you good luck in your future, because that is about what it will take.

  9. Should most people in Japan evacuate? No, most people in Japan should shut down their point sources of radiation and take the next steps only after stepping up to their responsibility to entomb Daiichi and stop contaminating everything with doomed Tokyo power production. People who are stuck there tend to protect their investment in denial. If the geiger counter reads higher on the ground they say it doesn’t matter. They need to decide for themselves what to do. They broke it and they bought it.

  10. The Yellow Smog from Fukushima even reached Houston, Texas in about 10 days. The yellow haze included ‘hot particles’ that caused stinging sensations in nose and eyes. I took appropriate radiation precautions, for the LOW levels of Fukushima ‘Hot Particles’, RadioCaesium and Radioiodine.

    I am well aware of the difference between radionuclide fallout and pollen from cedar, juniper and oak trees. My initial radiation training was received at the Strategic Air Command (SAC) in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I am not superstitious or paranoid about radiation hazards, merely informed and cautious. I am also familiar with public relations lies, as employed by the company known as Tepco, and their corrupt hirelings in government, academia and the media.

    Texas endured a record setting drought during 2011. Therefore Texas had a serious crop failure in 2011. Also as a result, very little of the Global Fukushima Radionuclide Storm rained to earth in Texas. This random 2011 weather pattern, coupled with the Jet Stream path, created a very fortunate radiation food safety for the Texas region. Texas food products such as rice, wheat, wine, meat, dairy and seafood are about as radiation-safe as can be located in the Northern Hemisphere.

    In my humble opinion, children and women of child bearing age should have been evacuated from Tokyo and other cities near Fukushima. Prussian-Blue and KI should have been universally distributed. Daily decontamination of children should have occurred at schools. HEPA air filters, bottled water, packaged food, and face masks should have been used by all Tokyo residents during March and April 2011 as universal precautions.

    The cleanup of Honshu Island, due to the multiple Fukushima meltdowns; will prove to be the most expensive man-made disaster in human history. It will also rank with the 1918 Flu Pandemic and the European Great Plague of 1665 as a public health disaster.

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