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Conjoint 5 eggplants in Fukushima

  5 eggplants are connected under one hull. It was found in Date city Fukushima, about 61km from Fukushima.     The longest one is 15cm long, the shortest one


Cesium measured from the owner of the deformed earless rabbit

Late April of 2011, an earless rabbit was born near the boarder of 30km zone. [Link] Ms. Sugimoto, the owner of the rabbit had WBC in Minamisoma city general hospital

Natural disasters

M5.2 earthquake hit Fukushima

M5.2 occurred offshore Fukushima. 3 in Japanese seismic scale. Fukushima plant situation is not updated yet.   Source 1 2     Iori Mochizuki


The 20km area, 16th month

Photos of the 20km area in Fukushima. Taken in July.2012.   Okuma machi     Futaba machi     Naraha machi (Autumn of 2011)     Namie machi