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Domestic and global Environment

165,000 Bq/Kg from Fukushima river soil

Rivers gone dead. Ministry of the environment conducted radiation tests at 120 points of rivers in Fukushima prefecture. The test was done from 4/29 to 6/20/2012. The highest reading was


[Ajisai] 145 lawyers offered the Metropolitan Police Department to lift the barricade

    Following up this article..[Ajisai] Protestors broke through police barricade Ajisai protest on every Friday has been interrupted by the blockade of hundreds of police and riot. 145 lawyers


[Sea contamination] Cesium in Pacific cod is increasing offshore Hokkaido

Octopus from Fukushima was sold for the first time since 311, however, other countries like South Korea is making the import regulation more strict than ever for the concern about


[Ajisai] Noda will meet the organizer of Ajisai protest on 8/3/2012

  Noda has got the schedule for Friday night. Having said he would not meet the protestors, he is going to have a talk with the organizers of the Ajisai