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Sea contamination

South Korea banned import of additional 35 types of marine products

Regardless of radioactive contamination, Fukushima’s agricultural industry is trying to push their products to all around in Japan. Now that other countries are banning import of more and more products


[Atlantic wire] Prosecutors Have Opened a Criminal Investigation of the Fukushima Disaster

<Quote> [Atlantic wire] TOKYO — Japan’s prosecutors officially began investigating Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and its former top executives on criminal charges today in relation to the nuclear meltdown

Domestic and global Environment

2.7 Bq/kg of cesium measured from well water at 25km from the center of Tokyo

Radiation contamination is becoming serious even around in Tokyo area. 2.7Bq/kg of cesium was measured from well water in Nagareyama Chiba, where is 200km from Fukushima, 25 km from National

Export from Japan

Fukushima kindergarten imported sandbox sand from Australia

They can’t even supply radiation free sand in Fukushima. can’t understand why they try to remain in Fukushima even by importing sand from Australia. Even if the sand is not