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Confirmed effects Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Column] Question about the credibility of WHO data

  Last week, Tepco revised their own medical report. The report is about the exposure dose of Fukushima workers. It was already submitted to WHO one year ago. In the

Confirmed effects Cover-ups Plant hazard

2,000 Fukushima workers had thyroid exposure over 100 mSv / Tepco reported WHO only “178 workers”

According to Tepco, 1,973 Fukushima workers had over 100 mSv thyroid exposure by 2/5/2012 (equivalent dose). In their report sent to WHO in March of 2012, Tepco stated it was

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups

Fukushima worker “Tepco may ask IAEA or WHO for help to discharge contaminated water to the sea

Following up this article..”Fukushima worker “Tepco needs to fill PCV with water to remove molten fuel but it’s leaking from somewhere unknown” [URL]” Former Fukushima worker, Happy11311 also commented on

Confirmed effects Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed

[Column] What is your next step ?

The mother was devastated. Her daughter was diagnosed with acute leukemia though they are evacuees. I heard this from my friend a couple of days ago. Because the mother is


[The Japan Times] German physician, “WHO downplayed health effects of nuclear crisis on Fukushima residents”

<Quote> [The Japan Times, Jiji] BERLIN — A German doctor and member of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning physicians’ group has criticized a World Health Organization report on the Fukushima nuclear

Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Fukushima worker] 2 workers have over 10Sv equivalent dose for thyroid, 1 worker has 678.8 mSv exposure

According to Tepco’s report about exposure dose of Fukushima workers submitted to WHO, 2 workers have over 10Sv equivalent dose for thyroid (It includes only the equivalent dose from I-131, Cs-134/137 is