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[Tepco gave in to whistleblower]TEPCO admits 4th worker exposed to radiation in early days of disaster(Asahi)

<Quote> [Asahi] A full one year and eight months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. has acknowledged that four workers, not three as it had

Cover-ups Spent Fuel Pools

Whistle-blower “Reactor 4 is inverse pyramid, very unstable and dangerous.”

  A Japanese journalist (a former secretary of Japanese prime minister) tweeted about reactor 4. @minorucchu ジャーナリスト 田中稔 今夜、某国会議員より、福島第一原発4号機原子炉建屋内使用済み燃料プールの状況を、内部告発した技術幹部から聴きたいとの申し出があり、早速連絡をとることにした。4号機を懸念する声が増している。Source <Translate> Tonight, (1/31/2012), a diet lawmaker asked me to take a contact