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Core removing struggle

Tepco failed in TIP pipe soundness inspection in reactor2 again

Since 7/8/2013, Tepco has been trying to inspect TIP guide pipe soundness in reactor2 but they failed with all of the 4 cable lines. It was the second attempt to

Core removing struggle

Unverified highly radioactive sediment collected from 8.6m inside of reactor2 PCV again, “30 mSv/h of γ&β dose”

Following up this article..[Elephant foot ?] Tepco collected highly radioactive sediment in reactor2 PCV, “0.2 Sv/h of γ and β” [URL] In the second TIP (Traversing In-core Probe) guide pipe

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Tepco failed in installing thermometers into reactor2, “4 fiberscopes all stuck in the pipe”

In order to evaluate the feasibility of investigating inside of reactor2 and also to install new thermometer, Tepco attempted inserting fiberscopes to inspect the soundness of TIP guide pipe but


Tepco to conduct soundness inspection of reactor2 TIP guide pipe

Tepco is conducting soundness inspection of reactor2 TIP guide pipe.           http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2013/images/handouts_130222_06-e.pdf     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Tepco va mener des inspections de solidité


[Reactor1] 5.2 Sv/h on the first floor

Tepco conducted robot survey in reactor1 building TIP room and South area on the first floor. (11:40 ~ 15:47 of 7/4/2012) Tepco used 4 robots (2 Quinces and 2 PackBots)